28 Nov 2022

"Sushil also seems to have met Prakash.."

"Burn alive.. both of them.. perform the last rites of those sinners right here."

The ability to understand and think of the angry crowd gets impaired.. Today innocent Sushil was probably going to be the victim of this anger. The fear of Prakash was binding her.

Within no time, the mob burnt Sushil's hut. Breaking the rear window of Prakash Sushil's house, he ran away and got lost in the jungle behind. Here the smoke rising from the burning of the hut broke the unconsciousness of the unconscious Sushil. By then the whole house and his body had caught fire. He opened the door screaming and in agony and ran outside… .. voices came from the crowd.

"That's the killer light.... kill it."

No one thought for a moment to know the identity of that burning, suffering and moaning figure.. and kept beating her outside with sticks and rods until she became lifeless. The madness of the villagers has calmed down now. Then the sarpanch's son's eyes fell on the half-dead body's hand on which "Om" and "Susheel" were written. This thing spread in the crowd and it did not take long for anyone to understand that this is not Prakash but Sushil. When some people inspected Sushil's smoldering hut from outside, they came to know that Prakash had run away seeing the opportunity. The villagers realized their mistake but it was too late. In order to save Chuka himself, he decided to fabricate a story in front of the police that Sushil was also involved in the murders along with Prakash and was killed by the furious mob… while Prakash escaped. The police came sooner than expected in this incident and proceeded with paperwork, dead body panchnama and a little enquiry. When the sarpanch told his problem to the in-charge of the local police station, the station officer pacified him.
"Hey, Sarpanch ji.... this happens often in villages.

Next day early morning, Sushil's wife Rekha reached near her hut which was still smoldering and started lamenting....She started asking the villagers about her husband's mistake and whole day like a mad she wandered in the village. But the villagers kept distance from him..because they wanted to hide their mistake by calling Sushil a criminal. The sarpanch of the village was at the forefront of this work, who believed that even if one or two people die for the good of the village, what a disaster it would be. How would she be able to tolerate this sudden change in her happy life? Again and again he asked for justice at every door but no door was opened.... no one's heart was troubled. Rekha did not get justice from anywhere, but yes soon she got the status of being insane. The villagers also wanted to suppress everything related to Sushil.....and Rekha could become a danger for them later. The lunatic asylum van arrived and the lunatic asylum staff took him by force. That night the news came that the car of the insane asylum had met with an accident and it fell into the ditch. No one was expected to survive.

The same night Rekha returned to the village and sitting on the ashes of her house, after midnight, she was screaming loudly after knocking on everyone's doors.

"He saved he wants to meet you all...come out...the door

Open it."

She was alive.

After half-consciousness and strange intoxication, Rekha came to the middle of the village where she often used to set up village chaupal and panchayat, she continued to laugh and talk to herself.... His voice was echoing in the whole village.
Famous wrestlers came close to him to stop his annoying laugh and noises and started beating him....But their surprise was broken when his sound and feeling kept getting louder when they hit him....when One of those wrestlers got angry and attacked Rekha with a stick, then Rekha stopped laughing... but her voice had now become heavy and manly. Holding the necks of both the wrestlers, Rekha cowed their heads into the ground and started running dragging them into the ground by holding their necks and kept running until the heads of those wrestlers disappeared from the friction of the earth. With her blood-stained hands, she again reached the center of the village. Her voice again became like a woman's. It felt as if she was talking to her late husband.

Line "Oh ji, listen na... look how long we have been calling the villagers... and no one opens the door."

It was too late for Rekha to say that the windows and doors of the entire village's huts and pucca houses were uprooted and started gathering at the place where Rekha stood, the villagers came out of the house in panic in groups.... Rekha's gesture Feeling and voice again became like a man.

Line "Stop pacifying yourself, these windows, doors can not stop the souls from coming somewhere. The village will have to give..... disaster will break on the whole village.... Rekha is going to her maternal home.... and she will be the last person to come out alive from this village.... and yes knowing from tomorrow or Don't do anything unintentionally to anyone... like I did with Prakash."

Saying this Rekha fainted and her unconscious body was flying in front of the villagers.

vanished from his eyes. Fear and panic spread among all... Sarpanch Sukhram's

Concerns increased.

"Rotera..... Verma..... Patil.... come and take the remaining 2-4 constables sitting vacant."

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