Top 5 favourite DC movies

6 Aug 2022

DC have so many great characters with great movie these are my favourite movies.

Number 5 I have Shazam I think that this is a cool movie because it’s a kid that becomes a superhero by saying one word, it will be exiting to see what they do with Shazam 2.

Number 4 I have Green Lantern this is another movie where someone is chosen to keep the world safe, the Vivian in this movie is also cool.

Number 3 I have suicide squad this is one of the only movies where the villains team up to stop evil it’s crazy how powerful they all are when they work together.

Number 2 I have justice league with Wonder Woman, super man, Batman, flash and cyborg they make an unstoppable team they have a tough time defending earth until Superman comes to life and saves the world.

At Number 1 I have wonder woman 1984 this is a great movie about a wishing stone that gives you what you want but takes what is your best trait I like that wonder woman’s old parent comes back and together they save the world. 

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I like wonder woman and suicide squad too! Great list you have here
good list, not sure about shazam, suicide squad got to be the best one for me
Well , it depends on people. But for me, The Justice League Snyder Cut was best for me. The Justice League Snyder Cut is important because it represents the culmination of director Zack Snyder's original vision for the film, which was compromised during its initial production. The extended runtime allows for deeper character development and a more coherent storyline, resulting in a more satisfying and emotionally impactful viewing experience. Additionally, the improved visual effects and score enhance the film's overall aesthetic and atmosphere. While opinions on the film may vary, many fans and critics consider it to be a significant improvement over the original theatrical release.
A great list of DC movies I though there may have been a mention of Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice. Do you prefer Marvel or DC?
south coast surfer
As a kid, Shazam was my favourite super hero - probably because he wasn’t as popular and mainstream as your Superman/Batman franchises. I do however appreciate their set of skills and agree with your list. Nice one 👍