Top 5 favourite DC movies

6 Aug 2022

DC have so many great characters with great movie these are my favourite movies.

Number 5 I have Shazam I think that this is a cool movie because it’s a kid that becomes a superhero by saying one word, it will be exiting to see what they do with Shazam 2.

Number 4 I have Green Lantern this is another movie where someone is chosen to keep the world safe, the Vivian in this movie is also cool.

Number 3 I have suicide squad this is one of the only movies where the villains team up to stop evil it’s crazy how powerful they all are when they work together.

Number 2 I have justice league with Wonder Woman, super man, Batman, flash and cyborg they make an unstoppable team they have a tough time defending earth until Superman comes to life and saves the world.

At Number 1 I have wonder woman 1984 this is a great movie about a wishing stone that gives you what you want but takes what is your best trait I like that wonder woman’s old parent comes back and together they save the world. 

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