Skeleton was buried in the soil for 23 million years!

2 Sept 2022
Africa's oldest dinosaur discovered in excavation

It is estimated that Mbiresaurus raathi was a long-necked dinosaur. Its length was about 6 feet and weight was 10 to 30 kg.
According to reports, the discoverer of the fossil, Christopher Griffin, in his statement to the press, has said that the discovery of MBaresaurus rathi fills an important geographical gap in the fossil record of the oldest dinosaur. These are the oldest known dinosaurs of Africa. Their age is comparable to the oldest dinosaur found anywhere in the world. The oldest known dinosaurs existed about 230 million (230 million) years ago. These are quite rare. Their fossils have been recovered from northern Argentina, southern Brazil and India only in a few places around the world.
Findings of this research have been published in the journal Nature. The skeletons found are missing parts of dinosaur hands and skulls. Several international teams were also involved in this research. Findings show that Embyrasaurus stood on two legs and had a small head compared to its legs. Its teeth were small and triangular. The teeth were sharp, which suggests that it may have been herbivorous or omnivorous.

Christopher Griffin said that we never expected to find such a complete and well-preserved dinosaur skeleton. When I found the thigh bone of Ambyrasaurus, I recognized it as a dinosaur. I knew it was one of the oldest dinosaurs found in Africa. However, this discovery is very important. This will help scientists to understand about the migration of dinosaurs. It can also be guessed that how dinosaurs ended from Africa.

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It's very unbelievable that the skeleton was buried for 23 million yaers
This is mind blowing. Understanding the migration of dinosaurs and how they are connected to Africa is one discussion i look forward to having