The Seat Of Eckstein High III

19 Jan 2023

There they were, dragging their lazy feet on the path to school, chattering in their numbers like buzzing bees, no, more like a swarm of fleas. Most already having their lunch as they strolled in the morning mist. The unabashed redundancy and repugnance displayed by these pupils were enough to merit them strokes stronger than the waves of the sea.

But then the cold morning breeze carried something that wasn't the smell of the detergent smelling off their improperly washed and damp uniforms. That sweet yet frighteningly stiff perfume made the students walking to school wonder whence it came from. Suddenly, a shadow walked passed them, a shadow in a heavily starched and iron-pressed white shirt properly tucked into lime-coloured trousers complimented with black long socks in black shoes.

"Sir E! Sir E!" One student screamed at the top of his voice.

Every single student walking that road bolted towards the gate, it was a stampede... But none came close to Erasmus, he was like the Israelites walking through the red sea, except he was calmer and taking his time with every step.

Ada stood at the edge of his office balcony on the right side of the top floor of the class complex watching in both awe and fear at how students poured in through the gate with speed and eagerness. Hoping to confirm there was no danger he quickly called to one of them who was laughing as he approached the class complex.

"Young man! Why are you running?" He asked.

"Sir E is coming." The boy shouted as he ran to his class.

Ada smiled as he looked at the gate and saw that upright figure of his walking amidst the stampede, he stood out like how Jesus stood out amongst the five thousand. The shadow of Eckstein High, Erasmus Crown.

"There you are." Ada smiled with the pride of the devil.

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