Workers and The Law

1 Aug 2022

One of the most interesting features of human nature that makes social cohesion a unique phase in life is the act of living together. It is impossible however to analyse here precisely what constitutes human nature or the working of human nature. It is a common thing for people to live together, work together and have many things in common. One element that makes this task to be possible is law.
Law may be defined ordinarily as a set of rules of a community, state or country. It is in the interest of the society to ensure that peace is allowed to resign in order to have stability. It is the law that can guarantee this effectively because it is the law that stipulates the civic rights and civic duties of every citizen. It controls the behaviour pattern of individual, groups and institutions. In every law abiding society there is always order, stability, peace and interest for work which are the real foundation towards true progress. Enough is good for the wise.

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