Let the children soar

8 Jun 2023

They are the flowers with various hues, so show them some love and a little guidance.

Teach them to be brave and powerful, and be their beacon of hope when things go wrong.

Never give in to their requests; they always want for your devotion.

Give them some time to grow, and they'll break every curse.

They will go the extra mile with the aid of a close embrace and a broad smile.

Never compare them to their pals; doing so could start a bad habit.

Forgive them frequently and irregularly; great men do this.

Watch where they step since they can leave unread tracks on the pavement.

Be there for them whenever they need you; being there will help them overcome their blues.

So that they can effortlessly float on the song of life, teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Even if you don't have time, pay attention to them; a quick joke could help things go well.

Let them fly without holding them.
The sky may not even be their limit.

Give them principles to live by so they will always be motivated to succeed.

Teach them to be morally upright so they can improve the world.

They are your family's biggest asset, therefore appreciate your free time.

Allow the relationship to get stronger day by day and throughout.

Once they leave, which they will do, the fragrance of their pleasant recoll
ections will continue to linger.

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