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5 May 2023

"A friend in need is a friend indeed!"
That is, the one who helps in times of crisis is a true friend! There are many proverbs and sayings about friendship in all languages. Because friendship is very important in human life. A person's true identity is based on his circle of friends. So it is important for you to have a good circle of friends. You have a very calm-kind-hearted nature, but if your friends are aggressive, murderous or violent, the world will make you the same. That is why it is always in our best interest to make friends with those who have good behavior, image and character. Friends' nature, likes and dislikes, thinking, their life values, their life vision affect your personality without realizing it. That's why we have a popular saying 'Susangati Sada Ghodo, Sujan Vakak Kani Pado'. Socially too, just like our parents, guardians, teachers, friends and family can make or break our personality. Then add good friends. Of course, this doesn't mean taking a selfish approach to friendship; But there is nothing wrong in keeping the sense that those whose friendship will benefit, benefit and flourish. It should be remembered that 'Assangashi Sang an Pranashi Gath' i.e. friendship with unfit people brings us down. It is not necessary to make friendship only with practical selfishness or expectations. Often selfless, absolute. Friendship should be happy for both parties.

• Cultivate a sense of humor:
Whether it's with friends, family or anyone else in social relationships, everyone likes to have a smile, cheerfulness and cheerfulness. No one likes people who are withdrawn, stressed, irritable, suspicious, jealous. Check whether you have these vices in your personality, if so, get rid of those vices. Cultivate the qualities of cheerfulness, cheerfulness, cheerfulness, neatness. May it be inherent in you If they are not good, pay attention to them. Cultivate it. You don't have to have a good physique or shape for that. If you naturally get that complexion, it is a matter of luck; But there is no reason to be disappointed because it did not work. Simplicity can also be tempting. We can compensate for our complexion with many qualities like goodness of nature, clarity and sweetness of speech, benevolent attitude, positive outlook on life. Many simple things in our daily life we can get blessings and goodwill of people. For example, in a crowded bus or train, giving a seat to women, children, elderly passengers, helping them carry their luggage, giving a pen to someone in a bank or office if they don't have a pen to write with, giving free money, telling the address or the requested information, etc. When you help, your personality leaves an impression without realizing it. You don't have to do or lose much for this. It can happen with a little compromise, understanding, positive attitude. It should be done, try it! You will feel so much better on the inside. You will feel satisfied, your faith in people, in their goodness will increase. Your morale will increase. Confidence will increase. Helping others shows that we don't get anything or that we don't have anything to add to what we get. This umja certainly makes a person grow and elevates. does better. Be determined to do one good deed every day. Your personality will definitely get a better impression. If you keep your eyes open and observe the people around you, you will surely find many people who are trying their best to help others as much as possible. Not everyone is self-centered, selfish or stupid. There are good people in the world. So the world goes on. Let's join these good people!!

• Keep the appetite high:

Taste is your choice. Whether it is about clothes or things we use, literature, music, art, sports or any other context, it should be of high quality, high quality. It must be emphasized here that high quality, high quality does not mean expensive. High taste does not mean the use of expensive, expensive things, clothes, ornaments etc. or admitting children to expensive schools. Please note that high is not just height. And not just gossiping about expensive things. Many people are in the habit of talking about how many big people they have relationships with, how much expensive furniture, cars or ornaments they have or how they only go to expensive hotels. It is not that such people lie; But therefore it cannot be said that their taste is high. On the contrary, we don't like people who constantly talk and measure everything by money.

There are many values in life beyond money. Ethics are rituals. Which shows that your taste is of high quality. Humility, honesty, frankness, sympathy for others, hard work, love, simplicity, Cleanliness, healthiness, kindness, humanity, philanthropy, compassion, etc. are the characteristics of a person's personality and his high taste. High taste is not proved by display of wealth, power or arrogance. Unfortunately, the ideas that are prevalent in today's society about taste, about greatness, often revolve around money. This is not a sign of a healthy society. Of course, this picture will change

Roadsense :
In English it is called 'roadsense'. Although its limited meaning is awareness of traffic, the term roadsense has a broader meaning. The way you act and behave while in the car, traveling and on the road gives a glimpse of your personality, your many qualities, your overall culture and subtlety. Use sidewalks when walking on the road. Pedestrians should follow the rules for pedestrians such as cross the road at zebra crossings, do not push or push others even if they are in a hurry. Eating something while walking, walking while gossiping, crawling, walking with dust and dirt flying, spitting everywhere while walking, picking your nose are all 'bad manners' i.e. bad symptoms. For motorists whether they are two-wheeler or four-wheeler drivers, it is more important for them to follow the traffic rules. Because if they are careless about it, an innocent life can be lost. So drivers should follow the traffic rules.

Nowadays, before the traffic signal turns green, everyone is in a hurry to leave first, to let the cars pass by. Especially don't ask the motorcycle riding college kids! They go at a high speed, pushing the car as far as they can. It is dangerous for them; But the road is dangerous for everyone. Another bad habit that is very common among drivers nowadays is 'talking on mobiles' while driving! Many road accidents in recent times are due to drivers talking on mobile phones It is due to habit. In fact, it is a rule of 'RTO' that you should not use mobile phones while driving; But it is generally placed on the dhaba. So please don't use mobile while driving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, not following the speed limit, not showing side indicators while turning the car, not using the horn, not checking the brakes, not checking the air pressure in the wheels, not maintaining the lane, all these are invitations to accidents and mishaps. Sitting also contributes to accidents. RTO account and traffic police account are doing a lot of public awareness in order to bring 'roadsense' among the citizens. Many NGOs (non-profit organizations) are working in this field. However, this subject is still neglected in our country. Even educated people lack 'roadsense'.

Breaking the traffic rules, then arguing with the traffic policeman, bribing him to get away with it is all very shameful behavior. As a good citizen, a profound, sensitive human being, 'street behaviour' should not be of an indecent, heated, reckless nature.

• Anger Enemy of Etiquette :

Anger is a major enemy of good manners, good habits. Even a person who is careful about good manners and manners gets angry, if he gets angry, he also starts behaving without manners. Whatever the cause of anger, whether being angry is natural, justified, whatever, its first and greatest impact is on your conscience, anger destroys a person's conscience. Conscientiousness, tactfulness, prudence are the main characteristics of an effective personality. If conscience ends in man, what is the difference between him and other animals?

Victory over anger belongs to Nitant Jastri. In Kroyaspatirimiri, people kill, commit suicide, do whatever they want. Most of the world's religions, thinkers and philosophers have taught their followers to conquer anger. Violence, vandalism, arson Anger is behind this lord. Conquering anger is too much to say. However, actually starting to do so is a very difficult thing. There are many simple tricks to control anger. Try them. E.g. If you feel angry, take a deep breath and count a few, two or three, or if you feel angry, go away from that place, that place, those people. Listen to soothing, calming music. Practicing yoga, pranayama, regular light exercise has been found to improve physical health as well as control anger. do it then It is also experienced that sattvic diet, deity worship, sattvic reading can also become sattvic. Then control your anger. Raga Premnana causes blood loss. Theirs was; But this 'BP' means you should not shock your heart and health. So everyone should learn to control anger as an idea of their own heart, nature. Much more could be written on the subject of 'your behaviour'. It is happiness from other parts.

Add friends. Respect friends. Cultivate individuality, maintain the quality of happiness, regulate the behavior of happiness and control anger. For example, even if we can't figure out the personality given in this step, it will still be the reason.

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