The worst profile

13 Apr 2023

Do you want to be a famous influencer? There’s only one rule. Don’t make your profile anything. like. mine.
What’s the first mistake? 1- profile picture.
You should have a profile picture that shows your face or logo clearly. It can be a headshot photo, an avatar, a brand logo, or black&white photo. Anything that makes you stand out will do. In my case, we have an old picture of me, rolling my eyes.
2- following. Following people is very important on Instagram. Don’t be like me, that’s wrong.
3- public account. The one in the photo is clearly a private account. To use instagram’s professional tools you have to turn your account into professional. It gives you the ability to access built-in insights about your account and its performance. Moreover, enables users to track their engagement and interactions. Instagram business profiles offer more analytical tools than personal accounts. These tools can help you better understand your followers/ target audience, and improve your business’ reach.
4- Name. Writing your name, or your nickname can be useful so you can appear in people’s search more easily. Which will higher the chance of getting a follow.
5- Bio. The first thing a user will look at is your bio. It’s a summary of who you are, or who you want people to think you are. Here are some tips to write your bio:
A- make it short. Nobody needs to know. Write what needs to be known. Do I want people to know this? (If yes then write it).
B- mentions and hashtags.
C- Link. My link is a page for donations. This can be an answer; however, it’s more useful if you link your socials together. YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, or even your amazon wishlist. You can use one of the tools that engage many links at the same time, maybe add a donation website along with your other accounts. What I’d add in this case is my LinkedIn profile.
D- Make it attractive.
E- Be clear. Don’t confuse people with the easiest part of your profile.
Highlights and posts. Stories that you want to preserve in your profile should be highlighted. Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours, as is common knowledge. You can arrange them however you want with the help of the highlight tool. The old stories can also be interacted with and responded to by users. I utilize my highlights for information on religion and other topics. Put evocative names in the highlights’ titles. In this image, the highlight’s contents are not identified by a distinct caption.
The standard photo size for posts is 1800 pixels by 1800 pixels. Use a strategy. Posting every day or x5 times a week is perfect for a beginner account. Make sure to add a caption and invite participation in the comment area. The likelihood of your article being promoted would increase if you added a location and mentioned the location you were in.
Other important things are tags. In my case, I remove tags so they don’t show my profile. You should do the complete opposite of that. Tags are important for suggesting your account to more followers and friends.
As you can see, my profile is described as ‘the worst example’. I chose not to be an influencer. I -very much- respect my privacy. Now that you have your account, it’s your choice (or maybe get a life).

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