My favourite plot twist

9 Jul 2022

What movie's plot twist blew your mind?

A friend of mine recommended I saw a movie that I would really like, and it was a limited series, I will be dropping the name of the movie at the end of this post. I am not really a fan of seeing movies, then imagine seeing a series. 

I decided okay, I was gonna see the movie since it was on Netflix... Well, I began the movie and the beginning was just normal and it was nice actually. 

Not to lie, the movie in my second episode already caught my interest and I was ready to see it to the end. 

The casts were Adele, Louise, Dr, David, Rob etc. And it happens Dr David and Adele were married, but not happily married. What was really the problem, Adele was crazily in-love with Dr David. 

Well, a lot changed after Adele met Rob in rehab... It turns out there was a body switch in the movie. What led to it? Who switched bodies? There was really a lot to uncover in the movie. 

The end will only leave you in awe, sure to the massive plot twist.

Movie name- Behind Her Eyes

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