Two person story

2 Nov 2022

Ashok and Gharu were there. Bandya Leka eats only bread and mutton broth. Even the smell made him sick. This party was given for my marriage. Dnyaneshwar Kulkarni was present at that party. The man felt better. The party was fun. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! I drank tea trying to remember all the poems, at least one bitter one. There was still time for marriage. Mini was sent to Mumbai by her father. After drinking tea and relaxing, I put on my clothes and started walking towards Vaishali. The steps were really heavy, the mini and Saturday party that came in the dream. I checked the pockets, the wallet was left on top. Even the stick box was forgotten. After Saturday, the question of money was gone. The reason was not that the balance was exhausted. It was necessary to wait for the salary. There is plenty of time on a date like this. Days do not pass. There was some spare money left in the pocket. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Many holidays like Eid, Holi, Good Friday, Sunday etc. were added to the office. Second Saturday also had an alliance with him, so there was no need to face the office from today till Sunday. Chain! Wait, where's the chain? It is said that luxury needs a strong financial foundation. I ordered tea and cigarettes. The drums of Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum were playing in my head. At that time, someone shouted, "What author?" Since that one thing was printed, this terrible yellow started. Which he used to bombard loudly. "What writer?" We got a wife on that thing, so what? "Do it! Even that Dhananjay Pashankara got married, or else you!" our special correspondent informs that many unmarried youths were heard by the old people of the village. I looked back. In reality Dnyaneshwar Kulkarni Sadeh had incarnated. "Well, we met, did the author get angry?" I had to say no because That Jnandeva had taken out the wallet of Wills from his pocket and threw it on the table. The next sentence made my heart stop, "What, will you take a dosa?" I was born in Pune, brought up in Pune. How can I believe in this Kali Yuga that anyone would feed dosa to anyone for no reason? I didn't keep it, but things happened in front of me in such a way that I was forced to believe even if I said no. He even asked for a dosa. Aren't we sitting in the wheel of the fair for a moment? I felt that.

Pune has a beggar's Maruti. Similarly, in this village Paisa Maruti, a devotee who visits him every day. But one day he could not go to darshan on the day of relationship due to the hustle and bustle of work. So the remaining money went to see Maruti at night. Sanai also tensed up as he came home late. But in the morning the bomb went off, Maruti's necklace was stolen. A sandal left in the temple found People burned. Said Bakya took the necklace. Bakya said, "Oh, I couldn't see the slippers in the dark, so I put on one of mine and the other of the priest. Baba, why should I steal?" Everyone came to the temple. Bakya stood in front of Maruti and said, "O money Maruti, Hanumanta, Akalvanta, I gave you money, I gave you goods, and you have made fun of me?" Oh God, what are you looking at the feet? Look up to the sky, aan sang mya chor nhai hai." And Bakya looked up to the sky. The branch of the pimpal tree behind Maruti was hanging. On it hung a garland of maruti. And two gharis were licking the oil on the pearl. And Bakya shouted, "The garland is hanging on the pimpal. Hi, did you hang me on the gallows?” Bakya escaped from the theft but in their Panchak Bakya went to Fadku to invite Shraddha to the moneylender. The health of the moneylender was weak. Bakya said, "Take care of your life, Hali Kay Be, Bharosa Nai."

Discussion in the village in the morning, "Aho Bakyach." I met the moneylender in the evening, what will God say, and in the morning, the moneylender will be heard." Savkarin Bai said, "When he coughed at night, he would make a loud, gurgling sound." Bakya said, "Hey lady, what are you talking about?" You used to sleep on Savakar below, now how will the sound of the upper floor come down? Perhaps if they had my wife's silver phrases, they would say, "Give it to Bucky." Guruji Dagdoba Lokhande, who taught Bakya Barakhdi and up to 100 padhas, was sick in the hospital with rheumatism. Bakya went to meet Guruji with two seedling trees and sacks from the house tree. Evening time, intercepted by Gurkhas. "Shab, where are you going?" "Ore shab nhai hum hajam hai, Gurujiko bhetana hai," Bakya said. The Gurkha said, "Yeh baksa me kya hai. Guruji has fallen asleep." Bakya immediately said, "Bom mat pado!" Gurkha - "Bom? Dad! Open the box." Bakya explained to him, "Gurkhaji, bom nahi sitafal hi." Guruji's joints were stiff.

Ankur was upset and started crying. Slowdown! How can I live without my parents, because of whom I came into this world and grew up mighty! I can't bear to miss them." (Ankur starts giving dowry.) And he suddenly said "Mandai, you know about my mother. Ashram people also say That Mandabai knows your whole story. Today I swear to you, tell me who is my mother! Where is it!" Now tears started flowing from Mandabai's eyes. Moving her hands from Ankur's face, she started saying, "Beta Ankur! My younger sister 'Chanda' is your mother. Now listen to this story." Both of us sisters had no father's umbrella. I was disabled. Mother was suffering from asthma. All the burden of the house was on Chanda. She used to go to the widow moneylender in the village to cook. Archa used to worship his temple. Chanda was beautiful in appearance, good at work and good at cooking. The moneylender was fascinated by Chanda. He began to pamper Chanda. And Chanda fell under his spell. She was gone for days. The virgin became pregnant. Chanda explained her situation to the lender. The way of marriage was suggested but the lender said, "Chandarani, I am the father of the life in your womb and I acknowledge that too. But if you get an abortion, the problem will be solved. I will take all responsibility for you." Chanda wiped her puffy eyes and boldly said, "Listen sir, to satisfy your body hunger, I made the mistake of surrendering my body to you in temptation but Now I will never commit the sin of infanticide in the state of assembly. I will not kill my life. I will do my duty in any way you think and do your duty." The moneylender admitted Chanda to the Nari Sansarkhana Ashram. A lot of donations were also given to the ashram. You were born there. They used to come to see you occasionally. He pretended to us that Chanda was studying in a government camp. And they used to take notice of us too. One day we came to know that loaner's car met with a big accident and both his legs were amputated. This incident happened when he was coming home after meeting Chanda. I went to the hospital to see the loan sharks. He was very depressed. He was happy to see me and said, "Manda, forgive me. I am your criminal. But God has punished me for my crime, which I will bear." And said with compassion, "Manda, listen! This is a little money, keep it with you. Chandarani, will now keep our baby in the orphanage there and go to do service work somewhere. Do not search for her. Somewhere Will work in ministry" and handed me a paper. It contained the address of the orphanage where you were kept and my name as the guardian. So I was coming to see you out of concern for you. Stay here even during your illness. But I did not get the address of both of them. When you became sensible, you started learning, I started investigating them both. Ganga Yamuna started flowing from Ankur's eyes and he said, "Mandai, what happened to that investigation?" And Manda happily said, "Son, I have succeeded. I am sorry for your parents.

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What an amazing ending it had