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14 May 2023

Once upon a time, our eleven-story towering slum near Girnar began to speak. Ah, quite like an orator she began to express her thoughts. It was night time. 'Girnar' was sleeping very soundly - dreaming sweet pink dreams in soft, soft foam mattresses. He had no clue. Girnar's wealthy neighbor 'Ushakiran' was also lulled into a luscious, fluid dream. There was only a slum between those two tall buildings and the vast blue sea in front. He too stopped his usual chatter and quietly listened to the chanting of the slum. Because she was never talking about slums. Her tone was very serious. Considering her age, she looked a little more mature. Otherwise, when adversity strikes, everyone experiences premature adulthood.

The same happened to this slum. She now wanted to tell someone about the 'sorrow' that had accumulated in her mind for a long time. As she called out to Girnar, Ushakiran woke up and listened intently. "O Girnar, you and your friend Ushakiran, look at me with disdain. You think that my ugly appearance tarnishes your beauty. But, is this not the reverse justice of yours? Oh tell me, who was first in this place, you or I? You have usurped my place. Get rid of me. Where will these poor people and their babies go? Ten times as many people live in each hut as there are in your big flats. When you sleep at night, one person's legs are on the other's body, but you each have a separate room. You are people and they are people too! Then! Why this difference? They have the same organs as you, so far as power is concerned, those people may be superior to you! Then why this discrimination? Not enough food, not good clothes. No luxuries. Because they lack damajipanta. But you are more than your own needs. You have grabbed unreasonable money. You find my appearance disgusting. But who is responsible for this? Why wouldn't thousands of people living here like a clean life! But do they get enough of plain water? Do you remember that P. Lm. What was 'Fulrani' saying on stage? 'Our bath when the big tap of the municipality bursts.' These people perform all their rituals in such a small space. Then why not get dirty?
Their sufferings are countless. So they approach Madya. So you talk them into it. But open your fridge cupboards. What is found there? Bottles of liquor smuggled from a foreign country. These people work to make your life happy. You have built your happy life on the labors of these people. But you don't even want their life to be normal. On the contrary, you paint the true life of these slums and the people in them in your literature and portray it unrealistically on the screen by pretending that humanity has arrived. But remember one thing, as Anant Kanekar said, 'These people have a big heart, humanity!' The slum fell silent, she was tired; But now she felt lighter. 'Girnar was quiet. Sagar, however, was agitated.
"Listen, you ignorant children. Let me speak. My eyes are tired of seeing your thousand crimes. Know me not! I am your 'goddess of liberty. How proudly you say that we are citizens of a free country. Then for a moment I was thrilled. Yes, but I was distressed to see you encroaching on the freedom of others.

Some of your brothers risked their lives to receive me. Remember their sacrifice! Remembering them as 'martyrs' for one day in a year does not end your duty towards them. The unfortunate wife of one of my friends who gave her life to get me is today washing four household dishes and somehow feeding herself and her four children. Why do you know this? Mahatmaji worked hard all his life, for what? Why did the freedom fighters wear out by uprooting our world? Sacrificing all his glory, Panditji endured the hard life of imprisonment, for what? Just for me? Today's son-son, Kasale Kuputra. Have you been the only ones to auction my independence? There will be no one on the earth, who actually explores their mothers. Otherwise, how would my wise son have been prepared to develop the secrets of our country for a handful of money? How could my lampsty be ready to cut myself because someone was upset?
How do you keep others in slavery who always chant the trilogy of freedom, equality, brotherhood? You do not give freedom to the woman in the household. Someone understands his debtor, slaves him for generations, as he is born in a Dalit by birth, putting him in the cage of clean birds and fish as his own enthusiasm. How about this? This is what I am against you.

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