Left Handed Vs Right Handed

19 Aug 2022
There are some such things around you that are made only for right handed people, left handers have problems.

90 percent of the people in this world use right hand, there are only 10 percent who walk by making their left hand right, do all the work. Left handed people not only write but they do all the work with these hands. There are more right handed people in this world of ours, so obviously most things have been made keeping them in mind, which is a problem for left handed people.

1. Most things in the world are easy for right handed people:

You know that the left side of our brain controls the right parts and organs of our body. Similarly, the right side of our brain controls the left part of our body. It is that when we learn to speak or write a new language, then the left part of our brain is used more than the right part. In such a situation, the left part of the brain gives instructions to our right hand i.e. right hand.

2. Credit Card Swipe:

Right hand is used for swiping credit card, because it is on the right side, in such a situation, left handers face a lot of problem.


If we talk about the guitar, then its strings are also designed keeping in mind the right handed people, the left hand ones cannot use it.

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There are more right hand and right foot people in the world. At the same time, the lefty is less than them i.e. ten percent. Maybe that's why lefty people have always been considered special. This happens not only in humans but also in animals. Earlier scientists believed that a single specific gene was responsible for your being lefty or right. But now it is being found that for this not only one but many different types of genes do their work. At the same time, the environment also affects our agility. Yes, the role of the brain is most important in this.
More than 89% of the people around the world do all their important work with the right hand. 10% of people use their left hand to do all their work. You must know that the brain is divided into two parts. Right hemisphere and left hemisphere. The brain is thus cross wired with our hands. It tells how to use different hands. Activates the right or left hemisphere of our brain. Using the right hand affects the left side of our brain. And using the left hand activates the right side of our brain.
We hear the success stories of left handers from time to time, but many misconceptions also keep bothering about it. In fact very little is written or read when left hander or right hander. Very few people will know that there is a medical field or science behind it. Experts say that this is a normal process of the body, which is dependent on genetics, learning theory and brain structure along with some other factors.