Hell is empty

16 Jul 2022

Have you ever been in the midst of family members yet feel so alone?
Yes? , that's your inner demons trying to make you a stranger in your home

Growing up I used to think that monsters lived under our beds
And that I could hear them speak through the voices in my head

But we humans are monsters fueled by deceit, jealousy and greed
I wonder why when we cut ourselves, it's only blood that we bleed 

These fallen angels are preying on our spiritual weakness I know for certain
The devil works on earth because an idle man is a workshop for Satan

I've had sleepless nights and I blame these creatures for my lack of peace
Yet all my friends say I'm just delusional and that demons don't exist

But whenever they're caught doing something evil
They're remorseful and shamefully say it's the work of the devil

In a heated argument, a furious friend once told me " go to hell!"
Little does he know that all my life I've been through hell

And this has been my loneliest experience because
Hell is empty, the demons are definitely amongst us

Jude Umoren, 'Hell is empty' (online, 2021) <https://judeumoren.blogspot.com/2021/01/hell-is-empty.html?m=1>.

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Horror but hell is a state of mind they say
Last line is just awesome , it reflects the inner bad of thoughts.
This with me so beautiful. I mean, everything about it from it s title to his delivery to its storyline, just everything. This is indeed a masterpiece