Signs that a person is getting better and better

9 Feb 2023

It seems that God is unfair. Some people have no worries of food and clothing since birth, and never need to worry about anything; while some people are forced to work hard because they are born in a poor family, no matter how hard they work but sadly they are only just to support themselves.

Maybe you don't need to care whether God is fair or unfair, because you can't change the will of God, you can only rely on yourself to make your life better day by day, and you can slowly change a way of life.

People are all working hard to live and make themselves better.

You have to believe that one day you can also stand to the high places where others stand and you can also see the scenery that others see.
After life slowly gets better, you will find that you can control your anxiety, and gradually stop thinking about bad situations, just move forward and work hard.

After all, one day, you will understand that nothing is easy in this world. In fact, life is like this. We must believe that hard work will always gives reward. When a person's life slowly improves, these signs will appear:

The people who do not care about gains and losses

It is said that people with talents do not count gains and losses because they believes that many times the more you lose, the more you will get. Even if you lose, don't stay where you are, but find a broader way out for yourself.

Maybe you are not good enough compared to others, but at least you can change future through your efforts, instead of being depressed and unhappy after losing something.

Compared with those who are physically handicapped, we should have greater creativity, instead of worrying about so many gains and losses, it is better to work hard and create another world for ourselves.

Become hardworking

When do people start to become hardworking? Just like many college students, when they are in school, they always do nothing all day, play games all night, sleep in during the day, often drop out of school and they also waste the hard earned money of their parent. But when you go to the society, you will find that you really need to work hard, and you will feel special regret when you think about the time that you have wasted.

Once people learn to work hard, life will gradually get better, because God is fair, and your efforts will always be rewarded.

Control your anxiety

There will be a time in your life when you are particularly anxious, for example when you completed your education then you get a job but your job is unstable and because of this situation you are mostly sad.

People are like a machine, and they have to keep running in order to achieve the target.

I hoped that one day you can control your anxiety, and when you encounter another problem, instead of worrying about it, you will think of a solution, then you will be really mature. At that time, you will be very strong and special. You will find that a little setback can't beat you at all.


Of course, some people have a desire to make progress, but because of the choice of some things and the interference of some ideas, they have not moved forward. But after some time, your life will slowly get better, even if you have nothing now, don't worry, because God won't treat hardworking people badly.

So adjust your emotions, complain less, and work harder. One day, these efforts will embrace you in turn and become your wealth.

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