Barcelona striker Aubameyang’s jaw injured in home attack

31 Aug 2022

The jaw was hurt during a brutal armed robbery at his home, according to Barcelona striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who hopes to recover "in no time."
Aubameyang wrote, "Some violent cowards stormed into our home on Sunday night and threatened my family and my children only to take some goods."
The 33-year-old continued, "They hurt my jaw, but I'll recover quickly. Thank God, no one else was hurt physically."

"It's hard to grasp and put into words the sensation that we are no longer safe in our own house, but as a family, we will get through this and stand stronger than ever," a family member said.
The residence of Aubameyang in Castelldefels, close to Barcelona, was broken into by at least four individuals. The sportsman and his wife were threatened with firearms and iron bars when they were brought in through the garden, according to Spanish media on Monday.
According to the claims, the criminals forced the former Gabon international to open a safe and stole the gems that were inside before driving away.
The incident occurs as Chelsea has expressed interest in Aubameyang returning to the Premier League.

He apparently had a falling out with Mikel Arteta, the manager of the Gunners, over disciplinary issues and left Arsenal to join Barcelona in February.
Numerous well-known footballers in Spain have fallen victim to break-ins, albeit the majority of these crimes take place while the celebrities are on the field.
Robert Lewandowski, a striker for Barcelona, had his watch stolen earlier this month while he was signing autographs prior to a practice.

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Being a victim of burglary can be traumatic. It affects you in no small measure. Football stars must step up their security details in their homes.