4 Apr 2023

It hasn’t really been a good kick start for the year lol financially,Emotionally,physically,Medically and Spiritually too I’ve been really overwhelmed and I’ve been in my emotions too honestly and it hasn’t been easy at all… I’ve had my loved ones and friends support me tho had a small business idea which I’m really excited about and would also start soon by God’s grace and also I’m really grateful that God blessed me with amazing people that help fuel me to achieve my goals and also encourage me too and God too has been so intentional about me there’s no doubts about that I mean I’m alive so there’s a lot and loads of things to be grateful for…But I feel like I’m lacking in something I don’t even know what it is could be spiritually though I can’t really place what it is sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all figured out but I don’t to be honest it’s hard…I cry so much lately it’s so annoying being sensitive and letting everything prick me or get to me…I hope I’m not the only one who feels like this Lol** Reasons why I’m mad at myself? I’m too comfortable with being broke and it’s so unlike me don’t get me wrong there plans I have really good plans to get me money to sustain myself at least for now I’m still in college but then I feel so unmotivated but with a “Purpose” it’s really draining really and I want to do better for ME 
I’m comfortable being at a spot like not progressing with something or a skill as long as things are being provided for ME and I don’t want to keep being provided for and I really don’t want that for myself “ME”

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