A girl

21 Feb 2023

When I said 'I have a girlfriend', everyone in the house was surprised. Everyone means Ms. Madhuri and Apatye to Madhav and Madhavi. But I was not at all surprised that they felt that way. Because I am a very simple person. Right in front of the nose. One who does not look here and there, who stays four cubits away from women. Even if for some reason there is an opportunity to talk to a woman, then the one who talks with his neck down. So he never thought that his father would do such a thing. As soon as I heard this sentence, Madhavi gave birth to child number two - first T. V turned it off and asked me back with a little scream "What?... What did you say?... Dad, do you have a girlfriend too?"
"Yes... there is... what's so surprising about that
Is it?" Me. "It's not... but how does it feel to have a girlfriend for a guy your age and you've never said..." “What's there to talk about? Like you have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend. Madhav was looking at me with a smile. "First shut up... are you looking at me?... look at the animal in the queen's garden so. He opened his mouth again, pretending to disappear for a moment "But Dad, it doesn't suit your age. What will people say?" I asked smiling and staring at him "What book says that a 55-year-old man 'shouldn't have a girlfriend?' Where does age come into question? This is his personal question. Can you tell when someone will fall in love with someone? Bill Clinton and Charles of England also have girlfriends... Madhav and Madhavi fell silent with this eloquence of mine. They didn't know what to say next. Both started looking at each other. Then Madhavi looked at her mother and said -

"Have you seen this magnificence of mother and father? Now you decide what to do..." for so long Mrs. It was silent. I mean, it was a bit strange for me. "Oh honey, it is said that when a person gets old, especially a man, they become old? That's why they have wisdom. What else? At least they should have remembered their family, their customs. Now you tell me. We have a face in the society, in the relatives. Do you have a place to show?" "And where is there even room to hide your mouth?" I Even more annoyed.

Avadsa Athawali does not know how to have a girlfriend at this age. They don't know that it takes luck to get a wife like me." "That's what I'm saying. Having a wife like you is destiny." Mrs. His face turned red with anger. Faced with eating or swallowing, she went to the kitchen. Madhav and Madhavi's faces were covered with eights. He seemed to hate me. Both looked at me with burning eyes and followed mother inside. In fact, they were not wrong at all. Because the word 'girlfriend' is such that as soon as it is uttered, a young girl of 19/20 years stands in front of everyone's eyes. The one who goes to college, wears different types of clothes, deliberately brings a bun of hair on her forehead and chats freely with children of her own age with a book-book on her chest. I was looking for such a girlfriend. But then my bad luck got in the way. Didn't even get a simple friend, let alone a girlfriend. There was an occasion to talk to a girl once in a gathering. I had rehearsed in detail how to talk to her then. The basic nature of staying away from women from the beginning. Then there was marriage and it changed a little due to the departure of relatives. But not much. Even now Haldikunkwala goes to the kitchen when his wives come. What's more, I still haven't seen our maid properly. He avoids any bypass work in the office as much as possible. Otherwise Takes someone as a companion.

It was evening. Still no one came out. Then reluctantly I went inside and made tea. Looked at the children. Seeing me, Madhavi turned her face away, while Madhavi buried his head in the book. Mrs. Looking over, her eyes were swollen from crying. I asked, "What is it, you were crying?"
"No. They were jumping for joy. You've done a great job of having a girlfriend, haven't you?"
"Let it go, bro. It's done, it's done. Why are you going to take tea? I'll keep it here." "You don't want anything, you take it. I smiled and took mine. It was evening. No one came out. I dressed naked. "Madhuri, I'll go out for a while," I said while putting on my shoes. "Are you going to go to that place? Go. But don't forget that you also have a wife, children, and a world, that's it."

Remembering her valuable suggestion, returned home after two hours. Paul entered the house and took an overall assessment of the situation. The whole atmosphere was a little lighter. But the fire was still there. Went to the bathroom and washed my feet. After coming out, I changed my clothes and sat on the dining table to eat. “Hello... Who?... Why Madhukarrao?.... Hello... I am speaking Sham.” A voice came from the other side. Sham means my brother-in-law, Mrs. My elder brother is my age. He ran away and married a girl of some foreign caste at the age of 22 even before he was of marriageable age. I was the only witness on his behalf in court. Later what happens in other people's house happened in his house. It means not agreeing with parents, then having a different family and so on. Purushartha to give birth to two children according to the laws of nature is the side of it. His unrepentant nature of taking money from me occasionally. He got a phone call. I was a bit surprised. "Speak Shamrao, inquired according to Shirastha. what you say?" I "Nothing. Called easily. Haven't called in a long time no." This is how the conversation started. For a while there was a chat here and there and then the car came to the main topic. "Well why Madhukarrao, we shouldn't tell you but everything I hear about you doesn't sound right." "What doesn't feel right?" I said. “Hey, you have a girlfriend and She has a long way to go." I quickly realized that Ms. must have called her divine brother and informed him. Ah yes. I thought I would show him the place. But how? By slowly tickling a wound in two. Others. It's easy to give sermons, but many people don't see that the donkey is lying dead in their own pages.This is one of them. "Look Shamrao, I know what is good and what is bad. At least more than you. Let's talk face to face sometime. Hello."

So he put down the phone and looked at his wife. The dish is ready after rising. I bowed down and ate two pieces of grass. Mrs. From time to time she was looking at me obliquely. I didn't pay attention. Had dinner, washed hands and went to bed. There was no need to sleep. In the meantime, the thought came to an end. I told him 'I have a girlfriend', was it a mistake or right? Remembered which avadsa and made a girlfriend. Well, she did it, and told them again. It seemed as if it was already said. Second mind started to tell. What's wrong with having a girlfriend? Many people even old people have girlfriends. The same Mahabharata happens in their house? I told everything honestly. Not hidden. And it is not that he has left the world and followed her. Befriended a woman just for the sake of friendship, did two or four happy and sad things, what's wrong with going out with her once in a while? is and Mrs. What if she had taken it the way she doubted my sincerity? Is the sky about to fall for loosening the social bonds on ourselves a little sometimes? I don't know when I thought about it. Woke up a little in the middle of the night. I watched with wide eyes. Ms. was going backbWoke up a little late the next day. Madhav and Madhavi had gone to college. In the house I and Mrs. There were only two. After a while I had tea. Bathed and dressed. On the way out Mrs. Asked on purpose.

"Bring you an alarm while coming from the office
So will it work?" "Give it to Varmai first. Then bring me if you feel like it." I don't know how to understand this lady. I thought I should tell everything once. But don't. It's not time yet. I kept silent thinking that. “First tell me, how long has it been with her Befriended?" "What day do you ask? Year thought. It's been a long year." "Then you're telling me this now?" "What difference would it have made if I had told you earlier? And suppose I wasn't musical? You see, there are some things that wives have to bear with their husbands." I thought the car was back to normal.

By nature, she asks the same questions that other women asked "How old is she?" “He will be three-four years younger than me. I mean, you don't understand your own age. in friendship What age do you ask?” "And look?" "Beautiful. So beautiful..." "Even than me?" "Um yes. That's what I said. She blushed a bit. I got out. A couple of women from the chali came to the door and seeing me, they beckoned to each other and went back inside. Kamal's father deliberately tried to get my attention by eating a little loudly. But I didn't pay attention to that. Meanwhile Madhavi's friend Alka came in front and forcibly took my hand and said "Uncle, congratulations."
“Congratulations? And what is that for?”
"Hey, why are you asking? Madhavin told me everything that you have a girlfriend Therefore.”
I laughed. "Show us no them once". I untied her hand. Showing yes. When the time comes. Saying that, I waited for the office.

On the way, thoughts began to get mixed up. Madhavi had globalized it by reading my story. And what about the people in Chali? Something must be tasted. Otherwise, how is it? Don't tell anyone, tell Madhavi's dad that he has a girlfriend outside. It was certain that she would say this to children from foster homes to old people. This is the ancient culture of Chali. So in the evening, if something happened, I came to the office thinking how to face it. I deliberately came home late in the evening. It happened as expected. Seeing me, two or four women in the chali started whispering to each other. "Did you see? How comfortable it looks from the face? But outside, these businesses." "Hey, at least I wanted to know there were wives." "But I say, wife, what is bad to look at? What will be the effect on the children? It must be heard." "Well why, there was one such girlfriend in his office. We had fun for a few days. Then the case of Anglat Aalan came? Finally we settled it by paying." Many such phrases passed through the ears like the wind. But I didn't pay attention to that. I went home. Washed hands and feet with bare feet. Mrs. passed the cup of tea. He took it. Then he took out the gajra from the bag and handed it to her.

"Aiklant no, what is the whole chala talking about you?" she asked. "Yes, heard. We can't stand talkers." "I thought you should give up on her. There's no room left to show your face in the chali." "That's never possible. Let them say what they want to say. Or do they have another business?" I said firmly. Mrs. Shut up. She went inside with a cup of tea. In fact, I did not have much relationship with anyone in Chali. The reason is the nature of these people. To be superior. To preach and ignore the dead donkey on his plate. I am T. V. Started and sat on the easy chair. At that time 12 no. Middle Dinumama came home. Next gentleman for. Unable to walk without a stick in hand. One of the many rich people in Chali. But a bit sour. "What Madhukarrao? When did you come home? Why is it late today? As always?" He started and sat on the easy chair with both his clay feet up. Picking up the paper lying on the neighboring table, he muttered to himself. “That is not what is known in the paper. What is worth reading now? Only reports of thefts, fights or rapes.” Amkya ran her away, Tamkya killed his wife done Everything is the same. I was silent, "Well why madhukarrao, nowadays anybody talks about anybody. Anything. I noticed their cash. I straight up asked them "Dinumama, don't talk like that. I know what and who you want to talk about. What do you want to ask?" "That's how it is, Madhukarrao," he began with a bit of a sneer and a face that he didn't want to say. "Because people say you have a girlfriend outside. And...." "And what?" "Nothing. But if it's true, it's not so true. Because that's what Madhukarrao is, all of us middle-class people. Preserving our culture. Fearing our own idolatry... and your idolatry is Chali's idolatry. We must preserve it." "Yeah no. That's true." I said, but your Kamal married a Gujarati. Also, it would have been great if Anna had understood this when she committed corruption in the office and fired him. Isn't it?”

I put his tangdi on his neck. Dinumama fell silent. We sat together for dinner. Otherwise the atmosphere was a bit serious. However, I did not take any 'tension'. Madhavi asked seeing my mood. “Dad, you are chatting with your girlfriend Why are you? "Yes, no. But not quite like you..."
"Who taught you?" "Your mother. She gave me chatting lessons when we were both in college."
Mrs. Everyone started laughing. Everyone's noor changed a little bit. We started eating. I said to Madhavi “Look honey, just because I have a girlfriend means I haven't committed a crime and tell me what was the need to tell Chaali?”b "Where did I tell everyone? Only Alka..."
"What did you tell Alka and what did you tell Chali, one each." Then he explained to everyone in a few gentle words. "I'm human too. My girlfriend is also human and every human wants love. He needs it and has the right to decide who to love and who not to love. When you meet someone by chance, you fall in love automatically. Even without realizing it. But I Didn't you do anything less by doing that? Didn't you fall in love with yourself? Do you think you left the world and followed her? Then what was the need to make such a fuss? Madhava also has girlfriends. Not one, but four or five. But I Have you talked? And when are you talking to him? Do you have boyfriends or I used to tolerate having girlfriends. But I don't want you to have a girlfriend. What do you think?" Hearing this, all the three got angry. Somewhere in the inner recesses of his mind, he seemed to have a little conviction. Mrs. No. asked the lower neck "But what was the need to make this love outside the house? We should have called her home... We all would have seen her and understood how they make love. Besides, if we could, we would have filled the oti with mangoes." I laughed. "There's no need for that... I would have invited her home. But why wouldn't you have insulted her? And what's the need to make a show in the chali?"
Madhav said. “No. We insult herbWon't." "Let's see... I'll bring her when the time is right."

The meal is over. Everyone washed their hands and went to sleep in their rooms. I sat on the armchair outside and started thinking. Some time passed. The children were sleeping. Meanwhile, without making a sound Mrs. came out Locked the door and came to me and asked -
"How do I look?" I looked at her. After washing the mouth, the powder was applied.

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