King kong

18 May 2022

From the way it reacts if there is a human approaching, this monkey king is very calm. Never looked surprised and reacted quickly, let alone panicked. Seemed very calm and wanted to give a message of not being afraid of anything. When crossing the road, there is anything that will see on the road, the king still by walking very slowly continue the steps he wants to bring, without retreating the beginning. Like a few days ago, when I was riding a bike, and at a distance of about 100 meters then Interesting phenomenon of seeing this monkey king. Both types of monkeys, but their behavior is very different from that of its other peers, who are usually more reactive, approachable, either react quickly if they run away from an approaching human, or react defiantly, to attack an approaching human, but will retreat if humans show signs of resisting. If you are with this monkey king, don't try to fight back. It is better to stay away, or prepare a friendly attitude, will not aggressively attack.King kong

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