Hey mummies

5 Apr 2023

Wrapped up in bandages so fine,
Mummies rest in their tombs divine.
The ancient ones, from long ago,
Preserved in death, a sight to know.

Their bodies lie in sarcophagi,
Guarded by spells and hieroglyphs.
Their treasures hidden far away,
Protected from the light of day.

From Egypt's sands they did arise,
Their secrets hidden from our eyes.
Through science and archaeology,
We've learned about their legacy.

The mummies of pharaohs great,
Their tombs untouched for centuries wait.
Their riches still to be explored,
Their secrets yet to be adored.

But let us not forget the rest,
The common folk, who too were blessed
With a chance at afterlife,
In tombs with jars of beer and spice.

Mummies may seem eerie and strange,
But in death they have a range
Of stories to tell, of lives once lived,
Of history that's yet to be relived.

So let us honor these ancient dead,
Their memory forever to be spread,
And may their souls forever rest,
In peace, in their eternal nest.

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