8 Dec 2022

My dad knows how to do things well.
He teaches our youngsters every day exactly how the country should be run.
He has a straightforward plan and is aware of how to mend trusts, but if the furnace needs work, we must hire a man.

There is nothing my father cannot accomplish; there is no such term as "failure." In a day or two, he could put large-scale thieves in jail.
There is no question that he would rebuild "our confidence," but if a chair has to be fixed, we must send it out.

He responds immediately to any public queries that arise; he doesn't wait for the uproar to go down but rather seizes the moment.
He can direct Congress in financial concerns, but, oh, he struggles to pay his payments as they become due.

Reading that almost makes him feel sick.
Legislators often remark that their father is the perfect man for the job since he is never wrong.
As soon as I can type it, he would put an end to all battles; nevertheless, when a neighbor raises a commotion, the mother is forced to intervene.

Father is constructed on a more sagely foundation than presidents or monarchs, and he is capable of many beautiful things in discourse.
We turn to him for theory, but look to ma for action because he is familiar with every intricate detail of every profound transaction.

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It's a beautiful thing to have a father figure in your life
Shout-out to all the Dad's out there who never coward out and left parenting
I didn't grow up with a dad. I had a step-dad and I never truly cared for him. He did not treat me as a son. My mom pretty much raised me. When I wanted to learn something from him I ended up making him angry so I went to my room. I no longer talk to him. Father's day is coming up and my mom wants me to wish him a happy father's day. I can't do that. He is not my father.
Fathers are one of the backbones of the social structure