In the end, I'm grateful to the girl who broke my heart.

10 Aug 2022

My life's an interesting story, let me take you through the pages

I am Amaphidel, a language that exists nowhere else but in my mind. this is why I love it! I am a writer of many things, but I am a lover of few. I love R and B and Old skool blues get me the most. I am an advocate of cryptocurrency and a fan of web3 and the Solana ecosystem. I have quite a lot of information on cryptocurrency already, and I was hoping this could be a place I express my thoughts and feelings. I, amongst other forms of content writing, am a poet. and I hope you do not mind if I drop my first ever poem, written when I was in high school for a girl I never got to be with.

My heart melts when I see your face
The way you walk, with such Amazing Grace
How much do I love you? no man can tell
I believe in our matter, a wizard must've cast a love spell
Your beauty is like that of a Red Rose
your prettier than a spring that flows
All these words are heading to one question
"would you go out with me?"

She would go ahead to say no, but it was what i needed to catch my artistic flow. In the end, I'm grateful to the girl who broke my heart.


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Rajat Dhariwal
It is very difficult to end any relationship, whether it is because of your wish or the will of the other. You may be going through a very painful experience and now you want to get over these feelings as soon as possible. You may have to keep in touch with each other for some reason, but try to keep these visits as few and as limited as possible.
It's not easy
True love stories never have endings
Lesson learnt from a lost love, such irony of life. Great poetry