Cropper Finance

2 Aug 2022

About Cropper Finance

CropperFinance is a permission-less yield farming platform on Solana that allows any SPL project to offer yield farming to its holders in a matter of clicks, elevating yield farming to a whole new level. Users can also participate in fully secured and dependable liquidity mining, staking, swapping, and other activities on the Cropper Finance platform.

Services Offered by Cropper Finance to DeFi Projects and Users

  • Staking: Cropper Finance provides projects with dedicated staking to their community in order for them to earn rewards.
  • Farming: Cropper Finance proposes to build an appealing farm for projects to allow for the free circulation of tokens.
  • Launchpad: Cropper Finance provides an IDO that revitalizes communities over time.
  • Swap: Cropper Finance's smart search instantly finds the best swap for all projects.

Top Funded IDOs on Cropper Finance

Heaven Land - ROI (ATH)+33.3 %
Winerz - ROI (ATH)+240 %
Zebec - ROI (ATH)+136.4 %


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Just participated in an IDo on their launchpad