I saw accident

2 Nov 2022

I saw the accident when I was going out to go to school in the morning as usual. I had a classmate with me. The street was always busy. I was chatting with my friend when we heard a 'Kurrss' sound. It was the strange screeching sound of the bus braking. That monstrous voice made me shiver. I blinked and saw a double-decker bus standing in front of me. People on the street were running towards the bus. A large crowd of onlookers flocked there. The passengers in the bus were peeping. I suspected that there must have been a major accident. So I tried to get ahead of the crowd. From what people were saying, I understood that two little girls had come under the bus. I remembered that every day at this time two little girls would be waiting for the school bus to go to their nursery school. Their smiling, talkative, innocent faces melted before my eyes.

Today, this bus came before the school bus and sat in wait for them. The crowd was growing. The parents of those girls were crying. The police were trying their best to disperse the crowd. I walked from there with heavy steps as I would be late for school; But that scene did not move before my eyes. 'Mom, where is my math book?' 'Mom, how to write this essay? Tell me some points. 'Mom, there is a trip to the gym this Sunday. What country box?' 'Mom, this Diwali, I will make a lot of snacks!' 'Mom, I want a badminton racket. When will you take it?' Our every work is related to mother. But suppose, mother goes on strike, then...
If the mother goes on strike, the house will be lost. It will definitely be late to get up in the morning; Because there will be no mother to wake up early as usual. There will be only dry bread on the table for breakfast... how difficult it is to spread the butter yourself! Almost starving! Even going to school there must have been some disturbance. Because the compass box is forgotten, there will be no pencil or pen to write! Then the teachers will have to talk for that. There will be no box for the mid-term break, because the mother who gives the box for the break will be on strike. If you come home from school exhausted, who will cover the kitchen? Bread, pickles, chutney will be placed on the table and there will also be a note. 'Mother is on strike. Just the thought of it made my eyes water. It was like a receipt of mother's immense love! Science curse or blessing? This man It is a recurring question. He is enjoying hundreds of conveniences provided by science and at the same time he is also experiencing fatal accidents caused by scientific discoveries. Then again and again he asks the question, is science a curse or a blessing to man? Kamdhenu in the form of 'science' pleased man and radically changed human life. The invention of the wheel made human life faster. With the help of science, man has enhanced all his powers. The world beyond the seven oceans drew near. Not only that, but man leapt into space, with the help of computers, man has achieved things that are impossible today. With the help of internet people who are far away started meeting each other everyday. While the education of the brothers was studying in the hostel, the laws left the hostel as the rules appeared against individual freedom. And life took a different turn. Since he was always on the front, he received shelter in the palace of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj. Later, when he returned across India on the occasion of the industry, he saw the confluence of 'education of education' thoughts, ethics, pronunciation, true education, truth social equality in education, but also not another means of education for the public awareness revolution. Be sure. m. Becoming a pike of flowers, he established an education broadcasting organization at Dudhgaon. Later, in 1919, the village of Wale in Karad taluka established the 'Rayat Shikshan Sanstha'. Bhaurao took great pains for the children of common people by devoting all his life for education. The contribution of his wife Lakshmi Bai in his educational work was very important, earn and learn' is the motto behind education of Karmaveer and he actually lived the idea of ​​self-reliant education to convince the ryots. He kept the vow throughout his life to reach the slums of the poor by imparting knowledge to the Bahujan community. 'Ma Faleshu Kadachan by Karmanyevadhikaraste.' He strongly believed in Karma, no work or labor is light, according to this great message in the Gita. Work is God's work of giving dignity to the same labor, work of sanctification, the great credit of allowing self-reliance to be enjoyed is reflected in the educational philosophy of Karmaveera. 
This alchemy of science even from the rich It has reached the poor. Even in the village no one has to travel to Annapurna for bread flour. With the help of science, man has greatly reduced his own suffering; Also many incurable diseases have been overcome by making many discoveries in the medical field. Scientific discoveries can overcome superstitions. Seeing all this, the mind testifies that science is the greatest gift to mankind. Nuclear power is the ultimate power at the disposal of man, but at the same time we remember the two devastating world wars that took place in this twentieth century. Looking at the human carnage in these world wars, it is strongly felt that the unreal power of science is the cause. For the last fifty years, the shadow of the third world war has been covering the entire world. There is a fear that the whole world will be destroyed if 'World War III' occurs. It has to be said that man has brought about his destruction only through what he has achieved through his devotion to science. With the help of science, man has created terrible weapons, from which terrorism has flourished today. The man in man is lost and he is becoming more and more selfish. Man has gone away from nature. So, there is a doubt whether he is happy. This begs the question, is science really a curse or a blessing?"

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