The Healing Power of Tilapia Skin: A Traditional Treatment for Burns

7 Feb 2023

Tilapia skin has been used as a traditional treatment for burns in some cultures due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. Clean the burn wound: Clean the burn wound thoroughly with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Prepare the tilapia skin: Clean and sterilize the tilapia skin by boiling it for several minutes or soaking it in antiseptic solution.
  3. Apply the tilapia skin: Cut the tilapia skin into the appropriate size and shape to fit over the burn wound. Gently place the tilapia skin on the burn wound and secure it in place with a bandage.
  4. Change the dressing: Change the tilapia skin dressing every 24 to 48 hours, or more frequently if it becomes dirty or wet.
  5. Monitor the wound: Monitor the burn wound for signs of infection, such as increased redness, pain, or swelling. If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately.

It is important to note that tilapia skin should not be used as a sole treatment for burns, and should only be used in conjunction with other medical treatments as advised by a healthcare professional. Additionally, it is recommended to only use tilapia skin from a reliable source to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

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