8 Feb 2023

I didn’t know what they were going through internally, I had begun to have some influence and I thought it was my duty to tell Tiwa Savage that the interview she made about her ex husband was rubbish and that Toke Makinwa’s book wasn’t worth my read. I told my community, “Don’t bother reading.”

Imagine those two, reading my opinion, seeing people agree with me, and even though they may not have broken down, I caused some chaos in their lives, even if for just a second. I had no right to do that. I thought I was creating content, but I wasn’t, I was creating chaos in someone’s mind and disrupting their life journey. They were already going through enough, I made life harder for them. 

Hear me when I tell you that the only kind of person I want to be, the kind of person I want you to be, is someone who makes other people’s lives better, by impacting knowledge, sharing experiences, showing kindness, giving when you can, and being empathetic. We do not know it all, we do not have it all together 100%, let’s remember that before we look at someone’s life and add to their misery.

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