Drive well

1 Oct 2022

I haven't slept well in approximately 3 days. Not that I have trouble falling asleep, but the nature of my job keeps me up. I'm aware that keeping this work is detrimental to both my physical and emotional health, yet if I want to be able to pay my bills, I must retain it. I'm afraid that's a part of maturing into an adult. I visited a buddy this morning who lives on the outskirts of the city hundreds of kilometers distant. He has been really ill, and I regret not checking on him more often because I am constantly busy at work. I made a quick trip at the grocery store to buy him some supplies and a get well card. After spending some time with him, I became worn out. I was aware that I needed to get home as quickly as possible to get some rest. I had a terrible time staying in my lane when I was driving back. When I landed on the curb by the side of the road, I must have slept off. I slammed on the brakes and descended to look at the damage. I can only say at this point that I've learned my lesson.

If you start to feel sleepy while driving, you should stop and rest before continuing.

I had to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs because of my error.

Drive carefully and responsibly.

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I will thinking of driving responsibly another thing you should do is not to drink and drive cuz that's makes things much worse
Drive safe, I lost someone in an accident