College life

18 Dec 2022

College life is best after the school life .
There is no one in college to interrupt you for your physical appearance like hairstyle, your dress etc
But one thing they always will interrupt you about is for attendence which is compulsory 75% .
When we go to college in starting we make lot of friends and we enjoy full .
Those who are living in hostel are living their golden period of their life. Hostel life is very helpful to get us in being developed.
We experiences a lot of new things which we were not familiar to. College makes us experienced and mature which helps us li our life.

Is college life different from school life ??

Yes college life is completely different from school life . In school teachers are always be there to mentor you but in college teacher more like to behave as your friend. College give you more maturity and experience that you have never experienced before.

Life lessons which we learn from college :

1. Value of relationship : College life teaches the true meaning of relationship we make a lot of good friends which will be there us for life long.
2. Challenges : our college teaches us how to deal with various challenges, they gives us various challenges which we have to deal with.
3. Communication skills : In college we learn how important is communication skills. With a proper communication akill we can solve any problem and come out of any bad situation and also we can express more beautifully ourselves.
4. To say "Yes" and "No" : We learn when to say yes and say no .
5. To follow passions : As the teachers are more likely to be our Friend type they teache us to go for our passion.
6. To take risks : They teaches to take risk sometime in our life. People usually do not take risk they play safe but if you not take risk then how will you make your name.
7. Confidence : We boost our confidence very much if we know about some experiences then there will be more confidence.

So guys what do you think how college life is.

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