Unexpected Thing

18 Oct 2022

Nice morning everyone! I'm starting my day with the best morning, but not the best morning ever for me because I don't have a good phone, so that's why my morning isn't great. However, I'm happy for what you all have.But my daily routine of getting up early, using the restroom, taking a shower, and then eating a healthy breakfast that includes only diet items like brown bread and milk because it's excellent for my health.Now that I'm prepared for college, I grab the keys to my bike but discover that they are missing. Since my friends are waiting behind the road, I don't have time to walk to my room to get new keys, so I'll give up and enrol in college.My mobile phone isn't in good functioning order, so my morning hasn't been great so far, but I'm modifying my morning. My day started like a boaring day, and I'm not happy about it.However, me and my pals decide to forgo attending college in order to purchase a new mobile phone because my mood isn't great and when my friends see me, they're also not feeling great because of my mobile.Now we're going to the mall to get a new phone, but I don't have nearly enough money. However, my friends replied, "Why don't we come with you; don't worry; we'll adapt," and as I see them modify the money for me, I'm incredibly grateful to have such wonderful friends.We entered the mall and went to Croma to see more excellent phones, but we didn't want to spend more than $25,000 on a phone, so we went to our section, which is in that price range. We checked the prices of the various mobile devices there, but they weren't very good, so we went to another store in the mall and checked the prices of yet another mobile device, and I was thrilled to find the best mobile there.My friends encouraged me to buy the phone after I finally expressed my desire to do so. The design of my phone is stunning and the colour is chic black; I'm truly impressed, I exclaimed. I only want this phone; I don't want any other phones. I finally bought this phone, and it's an amazing phone.I'm really thrilled to have this phone, yes, and after we go out to lunch at Burger King, where we ordered eight burgers to share, we head to class to listen to the lecture.After college, I return to my room to fix my phone on my schedule, do my academic work, and go to sleep. That ends the day I never anticipated.

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