The essence of community

3 Jul 2022

Learning a new skill or venturing into a new career can be very challenging as it is most likely something you have never done or have any experience in. But there have been people there before you who have had this same experience, faced these same challenges, and have come out successfully.

Therefore, the essence of being part of a community as a newbie in any industry be it tech, finance, marketing, and so on can not be overemphasized. Whatever skill you are getting, in the long run, it is all beneficial for mankind so there will always be a need for human interaction. You cannot possibly do it alone.  

If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or want to give up, when you have a community, it is easier for you to share your concerns and problems with these people who can help you out. There is also the reassurance that you are not alone in the struggle, and this makes you more motivated. With a community, you get to learn more and interact with different people with different mindsets and from different places. Your horizon of thinking and your worldview is expanded.

Be it an online community e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or an offline community, there are very beneficial to our growth as individuals.

 Prior to joining the data community on Twitter, I was very ignorant of a lot of things but on joining one, I get to learn and hear about new things that I could not have possibly known before. I can also share my work and get feedbacks which would help me get better.

Join a community today.

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I like this
the community plays a good role
Community over a variety of different perspectives where we all can grow and learn. Bulb is a perfect example of a great community where we share and learn from each other. It is so beneficial.