Everyone knows

5 Feb 2023

Yes, everyone is hiding something.
I also have one.
The majority of my pals are aware; how about you?
I am unable to articulate my feelings.
Could this be real?
I could be wrong, but I feel like I'm falling for you.
I genuinely believe it is doable.
Funny how this emotion developed.
Once more, I'm falling, but this time it's for you.
Say you like me.
alternatively, give me a hint.

I've experienced this emotion before, but that one was unique because he actually walked out the door.
I could be going crazy, but I'm going to let it rain because being without you is like falling to the ground.
I'll fight this conflict once more...

It feels so natural to be standing here with you, but something is off.
I'll sing this song even though the rhyme is a little strange.
It's nice because of the lovely tune, yet it doesn't quite fit.
Why don't you join in and sing along? It doesn't have to be flawless.

I'm being truthful.
I'm shocked that you shattered my shell.
Everyone notices it, so my reaction is "What the hell?"
Because of you, I'm stupid.
Don't you know?
You hilarious jerk, do I have to spell it out for you to see?
I'll admit it, I fell in love with you.
Do you share my feelings?

I told you the truth, so until you stop me, I'll leave.
I'll let you be on your own.
Say you share my sentiments, as I don't want another clone of myself.
I admire you for who you are and am aware that I don't require a wishbone.

Today, a friend noticed you gazing.
I came up with this ridiculous rhyme right then.
Although it isn't ideal, it is still adequate.
Don't be frightened since liking someone is not a crime and you still have plenty of time.
Tell me now, and then again tomorrow.
Either way is acceptable.
I have no problem waiting.
Oh, well, I'll give you more time.

I'll offer it to you now and, hopefully, I won't kiss it goodbye as another second passes.
In all truth, I'm just too much of a sis to offer you this poetry, therefore knowing me, I'll probably ignore the incident.
I can't miss another opportunity to be honest with you because I'm too afraid, and I especially can't afford to do so without you.

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