Rating the phases of MCU

2 Aug 2022

Recently Marvel just announced the movies and shows coming out in phase five and six in this article i'm going to be ratting the phases that have already been

At number 4 I have phase one this could never be the best phase because this was the start of the MCU still a great phase but the others mucus better 

At number 3 I have phase 2 this is where things started to get interesting adding people from different worlds in to the picture my favorite movie in this phase was guardians of the galaxy

At number 2 I have phase 4 this was a great phase with lots of new superheroes coming to life. The reason it's not number one is because it felt like it was disregarding the other movies.

At Number 1 I have Phase 3. This has to be the best one, there were not bad movies in this phase and Endgame and infinity war made it so much better my favorite movie in this phase has to be Avengers Endgame.

Let me know in the comments your favorite Phase and what movie was best. 



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I really liked how they integrated the vast array of movies and concepts. Whilst not across all the details of what is in each phase I do like Endgame. What are some of the other favouriteMovies in this phase.