A Brief Introduction to Graphic Design

12 Sept 2022

A Brief Introduction to Graphics. 
Why Graphic?
Many people will be wondering, who reads or who cares about graphics. The truth is graphic design is more than just art, fashion or business — it is a form of communication. The knowledge of graphics is underated. This is because in everything one does, there is an atom of graphic in it. People who posses it, have promising career prospects, freelance opportunities, financial gains, love for art and design or just passion for creating. In graphic design, there is plenty of room for artists to express themselves in their work, whether it's through logos, branding, websites, print etc.
What is Graphic: Graphics is an art of commutating in art and shapes. 
We have two types: motion and still graphics
--Motion graphics are moving graphics.
--Still graphics are non moving graphics. It is Mostly seen in printed works.
Purpose of Design.
The primary purpose of graphics design is communication and entertainment. 
Elements of design. 
--Colour (basic element/ don't not use more than two major colours and RGB and CMYK( Red Green Blue). 
---Text: this is the write up. 
---Fonts: this is the style and size. 
---typography,: mixture of text and font. 
--Paragraph and Artistic text. 
--Artistic text comes with style. Paragraph is normal. 
+Use image that reflect what your talking about
--Lines and shapes 
+Lines and shapes are used to all attention to important pieces of information (often text). 
Graphics Process
The graphics process comprises of Production and post-production. 
Production: the production process comprises of the production of any graphic material, digital or physical, from the conception of the designer or creative, through the processes of choosing materials, pre-press, printing and finishing.
Post-production: Post-Production is the stage after production the editing, color grading, graphics, sound design, and special effects. It refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, just to name a few. 
This will be all for now. I'll be talking extensively on other aspects of graphic design in the coming days. I hope you learnt something. Thank you for your time. And you can contact me if you want to know more before the post.

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