Aduke Pt 2

11 Sept 2022

I had a lot of questions. beginning from the fact I didn't know how Christians loved. I was seventeen. every time I asked a question about love I was bounced back with replies like 
"don't wake up love when it's not wanted", and a whole lot of other theories

but I wanted this girl now, not in a sexual way yet, but she looked like someone I could open up to. someone who was shy as me too would be loyal and will love me to the death if I could give her reasons to.
I hoped I wasn't wrong, but first, I had to speak to her.

Trust me, it was harder than I thought. She was definitely looking like she did not want anyone around her, coupled with my esteem issues, I admired her from a distance.  She was on my mind the whole night, but I could not bring myself to make a move.

I couldn't sleep that night. I had to find ways to speak with my Aduke, no matter what.

PS: I wish i was as cool as the Anime guy in my cover photo.

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