Colours of Romance

21 Nov 2022

As angels sing, calm the winds.
Little blooms brought by flowers and the love song of lovers send lovely thoughts of you.

The most passionate kiss is formed when two hearts are joined in heavenly happiness, and it yearns for no other location than your embrace to be the loveliest spot.

Autumnal bells, murmurs of my love and care, and the start of the dance create a romantic atmosphere.

Your inner beauty radiates outward.
This emotion intensifies inside me.
It is your voice, your smiles, your divine eyes, and your hair.

Soon, sparkling stars will make moving breezes that always hold the emotive light visible.
Let the night be consumed by love.

Dreams will never die again.
Keep the fire going and watch it.
Hold onto my hand tightly.
Feel my heart, and you'll understand.

The sails of the sunset are amber-hued, leaving trails of love in the dust while singing "I do."
I'm in love with you, princess.

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Whenever angels sings, they calm the winds . This hits harder
Reading this, I can see the colour spectrum of romance. You don't need light passing through a glass prism to see it colours
This art paints pictures with words