Family loveing person Grandfather.

31 Oct 2022

My grandfather was about five and a half feet tall, fair in complexion, with skin tanned by the sun and rain. All the teeth were intact; But it used to shine like a pearl. There was no black hair on the head. Big ears, sharp nose, facial expression that conveys the beauty of youth despite the wrinkles on the face, stiff spine, feet with the pretense of old twisting canals, bodice on the body and nine-color Ikal Lugdi of two colors, green and red. Bukka was placed on the forehead to hide the tattoo, under the umbrella of grandfather's, our whole family was singing with Gunya Govinda.We had a village cow in our house. We used to call her Kapili. She would definitely give one to another Veta, so Davani would always have Kapili's bull. Kapili also used to give a lot of incense. Our father or uncle went to fatten, or we left the front with a glass to sing in the manger, or we used to listen to the music of the milk in the fat and listen to the music of the milk in the fat and wait for the fat to fill. Poured into our glasses and drank the warm milk till the moustache. After finishing there, half of the cattle that were about to come home came home. That old Dhalatan used to incarnate easily. She sat there. I used to pull each bead of the garland in my hand and mumble something, because only my mother and my younger cousin told me not to make tea and drink it. No one is sure how much to give to someone's child, so grandma used to make sure that we get milk from the cowshed itself. There was another reason for Aji sitting there. Our mother was also great. We used to sit down and work. In fact, grandfa made everyone share the work.Four daughters-in-law of four houses came to Nanda, who should trust them? It is not sure who will give how much to someone's child, let's say, grandfa used to be keen on getting milk from the cowshed. There was another reason for Aji sitting there. Our mother was also great. We used to sit down and work. In fact, grandfa divided the work among all the people and it was decided how many days someone would make bread, someone would wash Pune and who would wash the dishes, and every week every work would be changed like a rotation. Grandma would teach her that everyone should have every job; But there was no escape from work. Lakholi if the bread is cut, if the firewood is not good, then they are wasted When the cooking was done, first we would sit in line with the shepherds. Grandfa used to move forward and our mother used to grow to eat Any aunt; But even while growing up, grandmother's vigilance. To feed one after the other. I don't want to offend anyone. After our meal the wild loaves would be tied and then the wives would eat together. In the meantime, after beating the boys to school, planning the afternoon's work, and then riding the grandfather, she would go to sleep, but the sleep was very careful, if it was too late, Abhi would wake up again with a canosa in place. While he was sleeping, the women in the street gathered, whether it was to sew, split pods or grain. All of them should work together, women in the street would bring work as soon as they arrived.Ours was the village newspaper and my grandfather was its editor. They used to come there to hear the news, then they would go all over the village to see the Kadus, before breaking up the concert. When the time of the people came, the old lady would leave. People used to sit down. Live between eight o'clock in the night and once the fire is lit inside, the barn is quiet. To apply this agal to the door or as it was given to us, basically this teak agal about six feet long and a quarter of a foot was used to pass into a temple in front of it and open the door or pull it out by holding the handle of the jaw of the brass tiger in its mouth and push it into the temple in front of it. Mathematics was very difficult. This agal, or Darwaza, was a strong protective shell of the castle instead. Once the fire was lit in the afternoon, we would not have a chance to go out during the summer, holidays, similarly, the support of the fire was felt equally at night.In the heat of the sun, without causing much trouble to my grandfather, we used to sit and play games like chichoke, jag, khapar bhegins, bilya mugla bhovar, gotya, and sometimes we used to take the wood from the firewood in the house and make bricks and sticks while making them while sitting in the bhovar. While rubbing the stone to give it a round shape, Maghan got hooked, that the board had to be rubbed with a stick to make it smooth. The dry pods of tarwad were pierced and the acacia was cut with a fork.Sometimes they used to bring balls and make balls out of them. Those who did not get a chance to play used to play zhoka like a little monkey by swinging on the wings of the wad. While descending, the pigeons used to eat the yellow palavi - split on the heads of the pigeons, and used to make the old man sleep by ringing the bell. One day in the afternoon, the same procession would swim with the heart of the deaf. While playing with Shikshapani, we used to start a race to make the water fly by throwing balls, when we got bored, we would roll on the soil with our wet body. Childhood was formed in an environment where one started to sit fast, or jump into the water again and come home and eat the words of grandfather after seeing the red eyes and white limbs of Udaya. Raw tamarind, salt pebbles and raw sacks on the dam, roasted corn, wheat and sorghum hurda, sometimes bagi, guar, small vegetables from Kalinga Dari, greens of sorghum, and all wild fruits like turmeric were going into the stomach. We were becoming Becoming one, it becomes dark in grandma's kitchen. Below today we were growing up.
In our family my grandfather is very important he make a decision of everything and every decision is make by my grandfather my grandfather is very beautiful my grandfather is so amazing and interesting my grandfather is going for Mandir to pray for a God and sing a song of bhajan kirtan and various things of god my grandfather is so beautiful he is wait is about 70 kg and its height is about 170 where my grandfa they wear the dhotra.

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We all want to play with our grand father