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16 Oct 2023

I’m constantly on the lookout for fresh and emerging opportunities to earn some digital gold. One particular avenue that I’m really drawn to is Crypto blogging websites. I believe these platforms offer aspiring writers like myself a fantastic opportunity to make a name for ourselves while also earning various types of cryptocurrencies.
I’ve had the pleasure of exploring platforms such as PublishOX (AMPL, ETH, and SPOT), (BCH), and Gday Fam (XRP), among others. These platforms are truly remarkable, and I highly recommend checking them out. However, recently I stumbled upon a blogging website that has the potential to truly transform lives, even if just in a small way.
Allow me to introduce you to BULB or, a relatively new Crypto blogging platform. In this article, I’ll explain why I believe that now is the perfect time to start using BULB and seize the exciting opportunities it presents. Keep reading to find out what makes BULB stand out when it comes to blogging platforms.

What is BULB?

BULB is a remarkable blogging platform powered by the Solana Blockchain, and is making a name for itself in the blogging and Blockchain world. Despite being a relatively new project, it has already amassed a thriving community of over two thousand users, and its popularity continues to soar with each passing day.

BULB was founded to create a community where ideas, passion, and engagement are all rewarded. BULB is one of the first do-to-earn blogging platforms built on the Solana blockchain, and we are driven to popularise the concepts of Write-to-Earn (W2E) and Read-to-Earn (R2E). We are proud to be a part of the web3 movement and to be on the cutting edge of changing the way people read and write online. — BULB

BULB presents an exceptional opportunity for writers like me, as it enables us to earn its native token, BULB, through various activities such as writing, reading, and engaging with the platform. The most remarkable aspect of BULB is that it offers creators a remarkable 100% of what they earn. This means that small-time writers, such as myself, can truly benefit from the platform’s generosity and make the most of this incredible opportunity.
While BULB is currently a work in progress, it already provides users with the opportunity to use the website and earn BULB tokens. However, it’s important to note that the ability to sell these tokens is not yet available. Despite this temporary limitation, BULB remains an exciting platform to engage with, offering promising potential for future developments and opportunities to come.

When, Where, and Why?

The concept of BULB originated back in September 2021, and since then, the dedicated BULB team has been working to bring this project to life. It was not until April of this year that the BULB platform was officially released to the public, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The hard work and commitment of the BULB team are evident in the platform’s development and its potential to create valuable opportunities for users like myself.
The visionary minds behind BULB are Ronson ChauJohnson Chau, and Alex Rose. Together, they form the core founding team of BULB. In addition to the founders, the BULB team comprises a total of eight talented individuals who contribute their expertise and skills to the project. It’s inspiring to see such a dedicated and capable team driving the development and growth of BULB.

Sep 2021. Inception. The beginning of Write-to-Earn and Read-to-Earn.
Dec 2021. Token Generation Event. BULB Token released on the Solana network.
Feb 2022. BULB Assemble.
Apr 2022. Beta 1.0 Release.
Jun 2022. Beta 3.0 Release.
Jan 2023. BULBmoji NFT.
Apr 2023. Official BULB Launch.
1H 2024. List on Decentralised Exchange.

BULB made its official debut in April of this year, and since then, it has been steadily gaining momentum and expanding its user base. The BULB team has shown great dedication in bringing their vision to reality, as evident from their roadmap. By carefully outlining their plans and milestones, they have demonstrated their commitment to making BULB a standout platform in the realm of blogging. It’s exciting to witness the progress and growth of BULB as the team and community continue to enhance the platform and provide unique opportunities for writers and readers alike.

How BULB Works

BULB offers various ways for users to earn rewards by sharing content, reading, and engaging with the platform. The website itself is designed to be user-friendly, providing a clean and user-friendly interface for a seamless experience. As users actively participate and use the platform, they accumulate BULB tokens as a form of incentivization.
Currently, the BULB tokens can only be used within the BULB ecosystem such as buying energy, boosting posts, and tipping authors, meaning they cannot be bought or sold on decentralized exchanges. However, there are plans underway to enable the buying and selling of BULB tokens on decentralized exchanges. It’s important to note that this functionality is projected to be available starting in 2024. Therefore, if you’re seeking immediate gratification or looking for quick gains, it’s important to manage your expectations accordingly.
That being said, many individuals view this opportunity as an exciting prospect to potentially earn a substantial amount from the BULB token. By actively engaging with the platform and accumulating tokens over time, users have the potential to benefit from their participation in the BULB ecosystem. It’s a long-term opportunity that requires patience and dedication, but it can be a rewarding experience for small-time writers and content creators like yourself.
At the time of writing, the BULB token is valued at US $0.0111. This valuation contributes to a market capitalization of approximately US $7.75 million, with a diluted market capitalization of around US $11.08 million. It’s worth noting that cryptocurrency prices can be volatile and subject to fluctuations, so the current value may vary.
I have made around 62,000 BULB which translates to an estimated value of approximately $687, based on the current token price. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the price of BULB may change in the future, especially when it comes to potential exchanges for other cryptocurrencies like SOL.
One of the great aspects of the BULB platform is that you don’t need to be a writer to enjoy its benefits. While writing may be the most lucrative way to earn on the platform, there are multiple other avenues through which users can earn rewards. Simply by engaging and interacting with the platform, users can accumulate BULB tokens. This inclusive approach allows individuals with various interests and skills to participate and benefit from the BULB ecosystem.
The comparison to Publish0X (earning from writing and reading), another popular blogging platform, showcases the unique features and opportunities that BULB offers. BULB aims to provide an enhanced version of the blogging experience, creating an environment where users can earn rewards while contributing to the growth of this remarkable project.
So how do you earn?
First, you will need to connect a wallet. You have two wallet options when connecting. You can use Phantom Wallet or Solflare.

  • Engage With Content — Write, read, react, share, and comment on blogs shared within the community by using some of your daily allocation of BULB energy.
  • Collect BULB Points — With each unique engagement, you will earn BULB Points based on the type and quality of your contribution.
  • Earn BULB Tokens — Collecting more BULB points will improve your standing on the community leaderboard and allow you to earn a greater amount of BULB tokens from the weekly reward pool.
  • Join The Movement — Join a like-minded community of writers, readers, members, dreamers, believers, creators, and opinion leaders to co-create value for all BULBers on the platform.

BULB uses energy for your everyday use. You start off with 30 energy. This does not last long. It costs 30 energy to post each article so it will take you a little time to build your name. Each comment is worth 5 energy and each like and dislike is worth 1 energy. As time goes on you can upgrade your energy amount all the way up to 100. The more you interact and create the quicker you will be able to upgrade. Another cool thing is you can use your earned BULB to buy more energy.
When visiting your profile page you can find your energy upgrade section in the My Journey area. Next to that section, you can complete Challenges to make the process easier and move up in the ranks faster. There is a leaderboard on BULB as well which we will go over later in this article.
Earning with BULB is designed to be a straightforward process. There are a few key activities you can engage in to accumulate BULB tokens and grow your earnings. Below is a breakdown of the earning opportunities on the platform.
Write articles
One of the primary ways to earn on BULB is by writing articles. When you create engaging and standout articles, it increases your chances of getting noticed by the community. The more readers and engagement your articles receive, the higher your potential earnings.
Read and comment
Another way to earn on BULB is by actively reading and commenting on other people’s articles. By providing thoughtful and constructive comments, you contribute to the community’s engagement and interaction. This activity helps you accumulate BULB tokens as a reward for your participation.
Collect earnings
As you engage with the platform, your earnings accumulate in the form of BULB tokens. You can collect your earnings every seven days in the BULB token section, and watch your BULB balance grow.
You can also earn BULB by referring other users to the platform. You earn up to 1,000 BULB tokens for every user who signs up using your link. This gives incentive to users to spread the word. So remember if you decide to sign up then click this link and I will earn up to 1,000 BULB and you will be part of one of the best up-and-coming blockchain blogging platforms available.
By consistently participating in these activities, you have the opportunity to earn and grow your BULB token balance. It’s important to keep in mind that the quality and uniqueness of your articles can significantly impact your visibility and potential earnings. So, putting effort into creating standout content can increase your chances of attracting more readers and earning a higher reward.


BULB allows you to earn more using their NFTs. Each NFT allows you to earn more from participating in different activities in the BULB ecosystem.

A BULBmoji NFT is a special type of BULBmoji that allows users to earn more points and/or use less energy when they activate it. Owning and using a BULBmoji NFT will increase the number of BULB Tokens you earn on the platform, as more points lead to more BULB Tokens.
Essentially, your everyday action buttons — such as writing, reading, reacting, commenting, sharing, and moderating — are turned into NFTs, and using these tokenized buttons can now boost your token rewards for the same activities. Sounds cool, right?!

BULB NFTs offer users the opportunity to enhance their earnings by using unique characteristics tied to specific “BULBmojis”. Keep reading to find out how the BULB NFTs can boost your earnings on the platform.
Emoji-based Boosts
Each NFT in the BULB collection is associated with a different emoji, and owning a particular NFT grants you specific benefits or boosts. These boosts can enhance your earnings from various activities on the platform, such as reading, commenting, referrals, and more.
Customized Earning Potential
Depending on your preferred usage of the platform, you can choose an NFT that aligns with your activities and goals. For example, if you are an avid reader or someone who frequently comments on articles, you might opt for an NFT that boosts your earnings from these specific actions. By selecting the most relevant NFT for your usage, you can maximize your earning potential in areas that matter to you.
Multiple NFTs for Maximizing Earnings
BULB allows users to own multiple NFTs, which means you can diversify your boosts and potentially increase your overall earning potential. By owning a combination of NFTs with different characteristics, you can enjoy the benefits of each NFT and optimize your earnings across various activities.
BULB’s NFT system adds a layer of customization and personalization to the earning experience on the platform. By selecting the NFTs that align with your preferred actions and leveraging their associated boosts, you can enhance your earnings in a way that suits your individual usage patterns.
If you’re looking for more detailed information about BULB NFTs, I recommend checking out the BULB FAQ section. It will provide you with comprehensive explanations and insights into the specific features, benefits, and usage of NFTs on the platform.
BULB NFTs offer users the opportunity to personalize their earning potential by associating unique boosts with specific emojis. Whether you choose an NFT that aligns with your reading habits, commenting frequency, or other activities, these NFTs can enhance your earnings and provide an additional layer of engagement on the BULB platform.


Another fantastic feature offered by BULB is its integrated AI functionality. When crafting an article on BULB, you have the opportunity to leverage their built-in AI to enhance your writing. Simply compose a paragraph, select it, and click on the BULB AI option located on the right-hand side. A drop-down menu will appear, providing you with the option to paraphrase your text. Once you click on it, you will receive a result similar to the image displayed above. It’s worth noting that using this option is entirely optional, and the availability of such a tool is truly remarkable. While some platforms discourage the use of AI in article writing, BULB stands out as one of the pioneering blogging platforms that embrace AI technology.

The Future of BULB

BULB is recognized as a promising platform that is still evolving and has the potential to offer creators a rewarding experience in the future. Keep reading to find out why I think BULB stands out among other blogging platforms.
Despite being a work in progress, BULB has been steadily growing since its launch. This indicates a positive trajectory for the platform and suggests the potential for increased profitability for creators in the long run. The platform’s growth signifies a growing user base and increasing opportunities for engagement and earning potential.
While there are several platforms that allow users to earn cryptocurrency from blogging, BULB stands out as one of the best options available. Not only does it operate on the Solana blockchain, known for its scalability and speed, it allows you to earn from writing and interacting, but it also provides a user-friendly webpage, clean layout, and a community of talented writers. These factors contribute to an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both creators and readers.
BULB is all about making things easy and enjoyable for users. The webpage is simple and user-friendly, so even if you’re new to writing or blogging, you can jump right in. It’s designed to be intuitive, so you won’t get lost or overwhelmed.
The best part about BULB is the community of talented writers. They contribute amazing content, which makes the platform really engaging. It feels like a supportive community where everyone can collaborate and learn from each other. If you’re surrounded by skilled writers, it’s bound to inspire you to improve your own skills and get noticed on the platform.
But here’s what makes BULB really special, it’s not just about writers earning money. The audience can earn too! As creators make money from their content, the audience can also earn BULB just by interacting with each article. It’s a cool way to keep people engaged and make the platform even more appealing. So, everyone gets to benefit from their time spent on BULB.
Considering everything I just mentioned, I genuinely believe that BULB is going to give other blogging platforms a real challenge. Who knows, in the next year or two, BULB might even surpass Medium in popularity! Of course, only time will tell, but personally, I have a strong feeling that BULB is going to make a huge impact in the blogging world.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a great way to get your voice heard and to build a following of like-minded people. If you think you have a knack for writing and want to start but don't know where to start, BULB might just be the place. It has the potential to change the way we look at blogging websites by not only allowing the writer to earn but also allowing the readers to earn. It is a mind-blowing concept that I believe is going to take the world by storm and change the way we
The future is bright for BULB. No pun intended.
This article was just to give you an idea of what BULB is and why I think it is going to take the blogging world by storm. The best way to learn more is by checking out the BULB platform for yourself. I am confident that you will be blown away by its potential. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer any questions.
Check out the list below for all of my favorite ways to earn online.
Blogging, gaming, writing, reading, listening, the sky is the limit when earning Crypto. Find the full list on my website!
Faucets and PTC (Point to Click) Website/Apps
FaucetPay — FaucetPay is a microwallet that connects you to multiple earning websites and allows you to deal in microtransactions without having to pay high gas fees. Click here to learn more about this earning opportunity.
Cointiply — Earn BTC, DOGE, ETH, and LTC
GlobalHive — Earn ZEC
CoinPayz — Earn multiple different types of Crypto
FaucetCrypto — Earn over 21 different types of Crypto. Sometimes you have to wait for the withdraw wallets to get filled but it is a
Social Blockchain
Tangled — Tangled is a social network that allows you to earn Millix. You can also earn Millix by downloading and running the Tangled browser. The browser runs as a node for the network and allows your computer to start earning you passive income. — MLX
Torum — XTM
Uhive — (Code:VD4R7R)HVE2
Desofy — (Code: Fynxik) — DeSo
MAIN — MAIN token on BNB blockchain
LoftyAI — Real Estate that runs on the Algorand Blockchain. Buy fractions of Real Estate and earn Daily from your investment.
Atlas Earth — or use 0GNQNB — Earn a passive income from digital land! Earn land either by buying it or watching ads!
Blogging for Crypto!
Medium — You do not earn Crypto from Medium but you can use this amazing blogging platform to get your content out there. After 100 followers you can start earning money. It takes a little time but it is worth the effort.
read. Cash — Earn BCH
PublishOX — Earn AMPL, ETH, and SPT
G’day Fam — Earn XRP
BULB — Earn BULB blogging and interacting
Watch videos and earn
Slice — Earn Crypto or PayPal by watching YouTube or browsing!
Crypto Sense — Watch ads and play games. Withdraw from over 20 different types of Crypto!
Play to Earn
Womplay — Earn EOS, MATIC, pBTC
ZEBEDEE — Earn Bitcoin LN
Listen to Podcasts and earn Bitcoin
Fountain — Earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts.
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