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2 Nov 2022

The king of nature is pleased and pours his water glory here and tired tourists from the city bathe in these waters to wash away their fatigue. After a short walk on the Amboli-Belgaon road, the source of the Hiranyakeshi river can be seen. There is a temple of Goddess Parvati here. This river Hiranyakeshi is said to be the gift of Lord Mahadeva to Parvati. Further this river meets the river called Chitri and then these friends go hand in hand towards Karnataka. The Nagratas Falls on the Hiranyakeshi River is a sight to behold.

Amboli in scenic Konkan is blessed with mangoes and cashews. But apart from that medicinal plants like Hira, Jambhul, Ain, Anjani etc. have also gained glory. While walking in the Amboli Ghats, one sees so many colorful trees, leaves and flowers that one wonders what to see and what not to see. Amboli is still a hilltop village. Five star culture has not reached there. So want to go there again and again. Television has spread widely mainly in cities. Yet some have come to think of television as a curse. Why is that? ok There are certain dangers that come with the lure of television. As the problem of space is very serious in the city, especially because people in chalis and slums watch television programs very closely, it does not fail to affect their vision badly. Too many people sit for hours in a small space to watch a program, which is also harmful for health. Due to the movies shown on various channels on TV, children are away from the playground and become connoisseurs of reading books. If any guest comes while watching the program on TV, they are not properly welcomed. are based on So the youth runs after that illusion and forgets the reality The majority of television programming goes to movies. Even the huge prizes announced by various programs take him to the dream city and he doesn't realize the importance of honest efforts and hard work.

In fact, television is an effective medium for spreading knowledge. The farmer, the laborer in the villages can be given the knowledge of their various useful occupations, today the question of adult education stands before us. Television will be of great help in solving this problem. Seeing and hearing are more effective than hearing alone in acquiring knowledge. In 'Doordarshan' there is coordination of both watching and listening. These tools can be done at home. With the help of the tour of the whole world Guidance from experts, events of meeting of foreign leaders, various sports competitions held in the world, all these things can be benefited from television sitting comfortably at home. The books Ramayana, Mahabharata, which were written thousands of years ago, reached the grassroots people only because of television! How Swami Vivekananda made the name of India and Hinduism in the whole world, his childhood fun, his tour of India, is described in the following 2 essays. So let's start the essay. Swami Vivekananda was born on January 12, 1863 in Calcutta to Vishwanath Dutt, a famous lawyer. Bhuvaneshwari Devi, wife of Vishwanath Dutt, had started a difficult fast to Shiva to get a son. He felt that it was because of this vow that he got the jewel of a son. With great admiration, he named his son 'Narendra'.

Narendra was angry as a child. He used to play a lot of pranks in school too. But later he developed interest in worship and devotion. Narendra was blessed with a sharp intellect. He had made his body strong by going to the gym regularly. After growing up, Narendra started going to Brahmin society. There many questions arose in his mind about God. 'Is there really a God or not? If there is a God, where will he be found?' Narendra used to ask him these questions. Then the Brahmo Samaj leader Devendra sent Narendra to Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa who later became Narendra's mentor. Paramhansa taught Narendra that God is everywhere and He is also in man. At first Narendra did not agree to this. Later this truth became apparent to Narendra through the teachings of Paramhamsa. He became a devotee of Kalimata. Ramakrishna Paramhansa while bidding farewell to this world told Narendra that you spread Hinduism and tell its immortal philosophy to the whole world. In 1893, Narendra attended the All-Religious Conference in America. People came to know him as 'Swami Vivekananda'. In that world conference, Vivekananda won the hearts of the audience by addressing them as 'my brothers and sisters' instead of 'gentlemen and women'. In that meeting, Vivekananda convinced everyone of the greatness of Hinduism. He devoted the rest of his life to this great work.

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