The Best Drinking Songs

19 Apr 2024

We all have our own "ritual" for drinking whenever we're home or with friends, we grab our favorite drink it might be beer, wine, whisky or anything we like and get some peanuts or whatever food we like to eat to go with our drinks. We also may be playing cards or just hanging out in the porch of our house, we may be dancing or if your Asian, singing. Whatever we do when we're drinking all of this is present. But i never heard that there where songs for drinking, so i was a little amused to learn about it when i accidentally found an article on the internet about it and I'm writing it down here for you. here it is;
1. ‘Gin & Juice’ by Snoop Dogg - This was the first rap song to include a cocktail recipe in its title for high-school parties. While 'Gin & Gatorade' lacks appeal, when was the last time you heard 'indo' for weed? Maybe 1994?
2. ‘Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please’ by Julie London - Vintage torch singer Julie London sings about whiskey with a smooth voice, making an Old Fashioned the cocktail to order. Her silky rendition of a Cole Porter classic captures the essence of love's new refugees without sounding too distraught. That's the power of a stiff drink.
3. ‘Streams of Whiskey’ by The Pogues - In a lively folk-punk hit, Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan shares a dream of walking with Irish poet Brendan Behan and an afterlife where whiskey flows. The song, 'Streams of Whiskey,' also mentions a 15-beer bender, capturing the essence of The Pogues' spirit.
4. ‘Doses and Mimosas’ by Cherub - ‘Doses and Mimosas’ by the 'Cherub' duo is a catchy tune that went viral on YouTube in 2013, earning one and a half million views in a week and a Columbia records deal. It's a fun reminder of, well, drinking mostly.
5. ‘Lilac Wine’ by Nina Simone - Originally written in 1950, 'Lilac Wine' has been covered by Eartha Kitt, Jeff Buckley, and Miley Cyrus. However, Nina Simone's 1966 version captures the song's moody infatuation with drama and chill. Her voice navigates the dark lyrics like a cat, inevitably intoxicating the listener.
6. ‘Brass Monkey’ by Beastie Boys - Released before the Internet, this song left many, including myself as a 12-year-old in 1986, puzzled about the B Boys' lyrics. Initially, I thought it was about a monkey, but later learned it referenced a malt liquor and O.J. mix called Brass Monkey. In college, I discovered the song's funk-skronk horn came from Wild Sugar’s 'Bring It Here.' Who needs the Internet when you have knowledgeable friends?
7. ‘Whiskey River’ by Willie Nelson - Consideration was given to 'I Gotta Get Drunk,' covered by Phosphorescent in 2009, but we opted for this classic from Willie's stoner-cowboy era on 'Shotgun Willie.' Though written by Johnny Bush, the song is quintessential Willie, as iconic as his braids and bandanna.
8. ‘Too Drunk to Fuck’ by Dead Kennedys - This 1981 surf-rock single by California punkers was their fourth, painting an exaggerated party scene to offend music-industry prudes. Despite reaching No. 36 on the U.K. chart, it faced bans and censorship. The Kennedys even supplied a sticker for record shops mocking stodgy retailers. Nice touch, Biafra.
9. ‘Sippin’ on Some Syrup’ by Three 6 Mafia - People mix cough medicine, Sprite, and Jolly Ranchers to get high? When you're broke, addictions get creative. As Pimp C rapped in 2000, 'We eat so many shrimp, I’ve got iodine poisoning.' Yet, this Memphis hip-hop group won an Oscar in 2006 for 'It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp.' Even pharmacists would struggle to rhyme promethazine and hydrocodone.
10. ‘Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)’ by the Doors - Written by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill for the 1930 opera 'Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny,' this song was originally sung by a chorus of prostitutes. The Doors' 1966 cover captures a carnivalesque vibe, likely reflecting Jim Morrison's intoxicated state.
11. ‘Friends in Low Places’ by Garth Brooks - When Garth Brooks's 1990 song about drinking the blues away plays at a local bar, you can't help but sing along and line dance. As the whiskey and beer flow, you might even reach the song's low chorus notes. Interestingly, the struggling Kansas City Royals adopted 'Friends in Low Places' as their sixth-inning anthem, reminding fans that misery loves company... and booze.
12. ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawumba - Fans of the British anarcho-punk band were likely surprised when they signed with a major label in the mid-'90s and scored big with a song about getting drunk and bouncing back. Despite inspiring suburban listeners, the band sees the song as celebrating 'the resilience of ordinary people' while also detailing their odd drinking habits. Maybe they should stop mixing drinks to avoid falling down.
13. ‘Here Comes a Regular’ and ‘Beer for Breakfast’ (tie) by the Replacements - We have 2 entries from the same band. Based on early concerts and YouTube clips, The Replacements turned all their songs into drinking anthems. Their punk tracks reflected the angst of a teen envisioning a bleak future at a local bar, while Paul Westerberg's ballads echoed the regret of an aging man reminiscing about better days. Yet, the band managed to switch between these moods seamlessly, as seen in their 1985 and '87 tracks.
14. ‘There’s a Tear in My Beer’ by Hank Williams Sr. - All of Hank Williams's songs had the essence of 'Long Gone Lonesome Blues.' The tough Alabama-born legend often sang about heartache, adding to his rugged image. In a Nashville session, he sang, "These last nine beers have only convinced me: I’m gonna keep drinkin’ until I'm petrified." Sadly, in 1953, they found his body in a car filled with beer cans and lyric sheets.
15. ‘Drunken Lullabies’ by Flogging Molly - After a few drinks, driving rhythms and violin melodies from Celtic punks Flogging Molly make you want to sing along loudly. So, it's fitting that the title track of their 2002 record is about the songs you sing after a few shots of whiskey.
16. ‘Why Don’t We Get Drunk’ by Jimmy Buffet - Jimmy Buffet shifted his focus from a shaker of salt to flirting with another bar patron, even on a water bed, during his early '70s country phase before "Margaritaville."
17. ‘Shots’ by LMFAO featuring Lil Jon - We despise this song as much as you do, but the belly-shot community would disagree. And ask yourself: Has any song better simulated the pounding headache of a Russian-grade hangover?
18. ‘Cheap Beer’ by FIDLAR - FIDLAR's 2013 song declares, "Beer’s always better with a bag around it," blending skater punk with crust-surf guitar. The chorus shouts, "I! Drink! Cheap! Beer! So! What! Fuck! You!" Their ethos revolves around scoring cheap beer on tour riders. Prefer Animal Collective?
19. ‘Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down’ by Kris Kristofferson - While most songs on this list celebrate debauchery, Kris Kristofferson's ode stands out for its tribute to the morning after. His song beautifully captures morning beers, city sidewalks, and the aftermath of a wild night, with Johnny Cash delivering a standout rendition. Unlike rowdy night recaps, Kristofferson's song is introspective and poetic. Time to fulfill his wish and get him stoned.
20. ‘Pass the Courvoisier, Part II’ by Busta Rhymes - A likely favorite of Ladies Man Leon Phelps, Busta's megahit from hip hop's luxury-obsessed era pairs well with Black Velvet. Busta's rapid-fire delivery complements the slick Neptunes beat, with Diddy and Pharrell even endorsing a glass of Courvoisier.
21. ‘Happy Hour’ by the Housemartins - Is this 1986 Brit hit our list's cheeriest drinking song? Probably, with its jangly Smiths-like guitars and catchy sing-along quality. The video, set in a British pub, features an endearing dance routine and Claymation. Keen-eyed viewers will spot a young Norman Cook, later known as Fatboy Slim, on bass. How about that?
22. ‘Tipsy’ by J-Kwon - ‘Tipsy,’ a 2004 hip-hop hit, has been a party staple with its catchy hook: ‘Everybody in the club gettin’ tipsy.’ Despite being just 17 at the time of release, St. Louis rapper J-Kwon understood the formula for hip-hop success: club + alcohol = hit.
23. ‘Beer Run’ by Todd Snider - Snider, a Memphis Americana folk-rocker, wrote this tongue-in-cheek anthem in 2002 about frat boys seeking beer before a Robert Earl Keen show. His straightforward chorus has become a universal party cry for more beer.
24. ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ by Thin Lizzy - Phil Lynott and his crew delivered the definitive version of this Irish folk song about an outlaw betrayed by his lover while drunk. While Metallica, the Pogues, and Bryan Adams have covered it, no one matches the emotional yet hard-rocking rendition of the Dublin-based power-foursome.
25. ‘Kiss the Bottle’ by Jawbreaker - In 1992, this Bay Area trio's punk song made life under a bridge and dumpster burritos sound romantic. Squatter-bard Blake Schwarzenbach's vocals reflect intimate knowledge of liquor and smokes with lines like, 'I kissed the bottle / I should have been kissing you.'
26. ‘One Beer’ by MF Doom - On his food-themed album 'Mm.. Food,' British MC Daniel Dumile nods to his favorite drink. After boasting about outdrinking other MCs, the masked rapper delivers a stream-of-consciousness verse over a Madlib beat. It's a track to be savored, like the last can of beer in the fridge.
27. ‘Lived in Bars’ by Cat Power - Our drinking list ranges from celebratory to self-loathing, with songs for and about drinking. Cat Power's 2006 song blurs these lines. While Chan Marshall's backstory and the song's languid start suggest the latter, lyrics like 'There’s nothing like living in a bottle!' and the upbeat climax hint at the former. That's what makes this song and Cat Power great—you can have it both ways.
28. ‘Pop Bottles’ by Birdman (ft. Lil Wayne and Jadakiss) - When Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records' Birdman were on good terms, they collaborated on this champagne-soaked anthem built around a Jadakiss sample. While they boast about their luxury items, the key takeaway is 'start with straight shots and then pop bottles.'
29. ‘En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza (In Heaven There Is No Beer)’ by Flaco Jiménez - Originally composed for a 1956 German film, this song, also known as 'The No Beer Polka,' has been covered by many polka bands and translated into English and Spanish. Our favorite version, 2003's 'En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza' by Flaco Jiménez, celebrates the earthly pleasure in all three languages.
30. ‘Have Another Drink’ by The Kinks - In this Kinks classic, Ray Davies suggests booze as a cure-all for life's problems, from depression to boredom and bad jobs. The rollicking song has a hint of nihilism, making Davies sound like the bartender from The Shining.
31. ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ by George Thorogood and the Destroyers - First recorded in 1953, this drinkin' blues song reached the Top Ten on the Billboard R&B chart. While John Lee Hooker popularized it in 1966, Thorogood's 1977 version added more emotion, using Hooker's 'House Rent Boogie' to explain the singer's woes. Someone, please give the man his drinks and quiet him down.
32. ‘The Blarney Stone’ by Ween - Ween's nautically themed The Mollusk is packed with unexpected twists and turns, none more raucus than this satirical Irish sea shanty so convincing in its chants of ‘Aye, aye aye, sharpen your boots and bludgeon your eyes’ that you can practically smell the stale beer wafting from the speakers. It's glorious nonsense in the best way possible.
33. ‘Six Pack’ by Black Flag - While a sarcastic critique of excessive drinking by a teetotaler like Henry Rollins, this song can be heard as a shout-along anthem for the drunk: 'I’ve got a six pack and nothing to do! I’ve got a six pack and I don’t need you!'
34. ‘After the Afterparty’ by Charli XCX (ft. Lil Yachty) - Charli XCX and Lil Yachty's confident pop tune encourages an endless party, ignoring the consequences, weeknights, and pesky neighbors.
35. ‘I Like Beer’ by Tom T. Hall - This 1975 stein-swinging sing-along portrays drunks as quaint and adorable, unlike the stereotypical aggressive drunks.
36. ‘Beer’ by People Under the Stairs - This L.A. rap duo, Thes One and Double K, aimed to throw epic house parties without grand aspirations. In their 2009 track, K proclaims, 'To my liver and kidneys, your time is near / You like hangin’ on Twitter, and we like beer.' Their video pays homage to Laverne & Shirley, suggesting they'd make a great sitcom.
37. ‘Milk and Alcohol’ by Dr. Feelgood - While The Big Lebowski is famous for White Russian references, this rhythmically chugging song by Dr. Feelgood gives dairy its musical spotlight. Written by Nick Lowe after a night of Kahlúa and John Lee Hooker, its seedy stomp and heavy riffing capture the joys of a night out. Warning: not suitable for the lactose intolerant.
38. ‘I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink’ by Merle Haggard - While drinking to forget might not be wise, when Haggard suggests it in this 1980 whiskey-soaked country ballad, it almost sounds like wisdom. Best for heartbreak, everyone can enjoy the cheesy saxophone solo.
39. ‘Bank Holiday’ by Blur - As an American with only Presidents' Day as a holiday, this 1994 Britpop punk song offers a glimpse of UK binge culture. In 'Bank holiday comes with six-pack of beer! Then it’s back to work! Ay! Ay! Ay!' Albarn captures the essence in just 1 minute and 42 seconds. It's amusing that Blur and Oasis fans fought when they all just wanted a drink.
40. ‘Have a Drink on Me’ by AC/DC - Some might find it somber to include Janis Joplin and Elliott Smith, who died young, on a booze-related list. AC/DC's Bon Scott attended his last recording session in February 1980 and died from alcohol poisoning shortly after. Instead of mourning, the band hired a new singer and included the track on Back in Black.
41. ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ by Rihanna - A shoutout to our interns for pointing out this 2010 chill reggaetón track by Rihanna. 'Don't let the bastards get you down,' she sings in her Caribbean patois. While the song heavily plugs Jameson Irish whiskey and Ray-Bans, it's a relief it's not Malibu.
42. ‘Warm Beer and Cold Women’ by Tom Waits - This 1975 track from Nighthawks at the Diner stands out for its title and clever rhymes like vermouth with Naugahyde booth. Let's face it: young-barfly Tom Waits outshines old-man-with-a-mule Tom Waits.
43. ‘Drunk Girls’ by LCD Soundsystem - Is 'Drunk Girls' LCD Soundsystem's best? No, but it captures the feel of a night out in NYC. James Murphy called the 2010 single 'dumb,' but in a good way. The wince-inducing video, codirected by Spike Jonze, features Murphy and the crew manhandled by malevolent pandas. Dumb 'n' short forever.
44. ‘One Mint Julep’ by Louis Prima - In the jazz-pop standard, 'One mint julep / Was the start of it all,' a single drink leads to a whirlwind of events, including a rushed marriage and fatherhood. While Ray Charles's 1961 instrumental cover was a hit, Louis Prima's comic tone in his version stands out.
45. ‘Shot For Me’ by Drake - This R&B track about past relationships, written by the Weeknd, captures Drake's spiteful reminiscence to his exes. In 'Shot For Me,' Drake recalls his greatness when they drink, whether it's Canadian Club or a Toronto favorite.
46. ‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyoncé - Though it's ostensibly a love song, Beyoncé's 'Surfbordt!' and Jay-Z's 'Your breastesses is my breakfast' suggest they were likely tipsy. Jay-Z's line could even be borrowed from Bukowski.
47. ‘Cigarettes, Whuskey, and Wild, Wild Women’ by Sons of Pioneers - An ode to tobacco, brown liquor, and women, this old barn-burner has been covered by many, including Buck Owens and Jim Croce. The best version? Peter Sellers with Muppet hillbillies during his Muppet Show hosting stint. And no, we're not biased from drinking 'whuskey' while writing.
48. ‘Whiskey Girl’ by Gillian Welch - Some drinking songs are for carousing, while others, like Gillian Welch's 'Whiskey Girl' from her 1998 album Hell Among the Yearlings, are for late-night contemplation with a whiskey.
49. ‘Bubbles in my Beer’ by Bob Wills - Covered by Willie Nelson and George Jones, this 1947 Western swing standard likely sparked the sub-genre of sorrowful country drinking songs. Though antiquated and somber, it's one of the jauntiest tunes about self-absorbed contemplation you'll hear.
50. ‘You and Me and the Bottle Make Three’ by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - In the '90s swing revival, BBVD's boozy anthem led the charge, causing many to attempt ill-advised swing dancing after drinks. Boosted by the film Swingers, it's a stealth hit for anyone who ever said 'that's so money.'
Have you listened to any of this drinking songs or do you have your own drinking song? I'm sure everybody has his own drinking song that matches the reason or mood or occasion for drinking, Just don't drink and drive :)


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