Month in Review: Reflecting on February 2023

4 Mar 2023

Hello BULBers,

Welcome back! It’s nice to have you around for BULB’s second month in review for 2023. This month was a little quiet compared to the wild success of our NFT Launch in January 2023. In saying this, the team has been working quietly to prepare for our Official Launch in April. Keep reading for further details on when our Official Launch will take place 👀

But first, let’s celebrate a few small wins that we had on (and off) the platform in February 🎆

The word is spreading about BULB on Solana…

BULB was one of the most popular projects listed on Solana in February and the most popular project in the first week of February! 👏👏

This is a testament to all your work in spreading the word about BULB. Thank you to all of you for showing your support; we couldn’t have ranked so high on Solana without you 🙏

Our comment count keeps going through the roof!

If you’ve been reading our weekly updates on Twitter, you’ll notice we’ve been keeping tabs on how many comments we’ve had on the platform. Let’s just say that we’ve stopped making announcements about breaking records because the amount of engagement just keeps jumping through the roof.

In February alone, we have gone from having 970 comments in the first week to 1,627 just in the last week alone 🤯 We’re thrilled to see that activity on the platform has picked up and that everyone is engaging with each others’ content. This is exactly what BULB Is all about! 

A few small product updates

The team has also brought you two small product updates, including:

  • Video embeds within blogs: Now you can embed YouTube video links into your blog posts, making your articles way more interactive for your readers!

  • Further reading: The reading never stops on BULB! Now you have a collection of articles for recommended reading at the end of each blog. 

If you haven’t already, check out these new features when you’re on BULB...

What’s Next?

Let’s not sugar-coat things… March 2023 is going to be HUGE for the BULB community💥

The team is preparing for BULB’s Official Launch on the 15th April 2023, where we will be releasing a whole range of new product improvements and developments. We won’t reveal too much just yet, but suffice to say that we might have more NFTs along the way along with new share and writer analytics features 😉

Once again, thank you for all your support and we look forward to Official Launch.

Until next time!
- The BULB Team

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I really feel like this is the next big hit on digital market. Thanks to Bulb and cheers to all good and innovative things coming up !
There is a lot of good progress, and I am hopeful that bulbapp will give everyone a chance to earn money with the help of knowledge.
Thanks for the updates and progress!
Exciting to see BULB at the top of Solana lists! I just recently found this site and I am really happy I did so. I foresee a bright future for Bulb, and I personally am already considering it one my favorite blogging sites.
Just had an idea, maybe it's already in the works or not, but I believe an option to "Pin" a comment as the Author. This would be a cool way to showcase a comment you appreciate or agree with or one that might spark engagement. It could also serve as a mini reward for a reader to see their comment pinned.
I can't wait to see what the month of march has in store
Writer analytics? Awesome! Looking forward to it!
Johnson Chau
Video embed will definitely be something I will start using in my blog!
Can’t wait for the official launch and the impending release of exciting new features. Some amazing progress that keeps adding so much value to the platform. Great work