13 May 2023

There was a time when it was considered bad for a cat to enter the house. But due to the present situation, the old ideology and tradition has fallen into a complete mess. That same idea is considered right so that it works. Recently, there were many rats in our house. Many efforts were made to get him out of the house but none of us worked. Iron drums were made for flour and grain. This remedy worked for a few days. But by saving eyes, the rats started entering these drums too. Many friends were consulted on this problem. Eventually it was decided that a cat should be kept in the house. no one objected to this proposal

So a cat was brought. There was a lot going on for him. Sometimes the children would give milk, sometimes they would give bread. He started to eliminate the rats methodically. Everyone was very happy, the cat often eats the leftovers from everyone's plate, so we did not even have to spend any money on it. Two months later, the time came when we forgot the rats and got fed up with the cats. We thought that rats used to eat only empty grains, at least they did not bother. This cat is not less in food and also keeps on troubling us. our attitude towards him has changed Cats are also no less intelligent animals. The one who did not come under the control of the lion, how he would have defeated us, he also changed his attitude. Instead of following us back and forth, she would lurk in the corner around the kitchen. Whenever there is a chance, eat whatever comes in your life with pleasure. In this way the cat was caught stealing many times. One day as soon as I woke up in the morning I went to the kitchen to get something. I see that the curd of curdled milk which was collected with great fervor at night, the cat is eating with great pleasure.

Now the concern was how to get rid of the cat. My servant is very smart. Before leaving for the night after finishing work, he put two loaves of bread inside an empty sack and silently stood aside and waited for the cat. The cat came She immediately pounced on the loaves. The servant immediately grabbed one end of the sack and closed it from above. Gave. The mouth of the sack was tied with a rope. Since it was now midnight, I told my servant Amru to "leave the cat somewhere far away in the morning so that it could not return to this house." The next day at eight o'clock in the morning after giving tea to everyone.

Went . I reminded him that he has to leave the cat to Bhool Bhatiyarin's side. The sack hung on the shoulder, Amaru walked. Nobody paid attention to the talk. I got busy in shaving and bathing etc as I had to go to office at 9:30. I heard a loud noise in the bathroom. I was busy taking bath and humming something so my attention didn't go there. After two minutes there was a noise again. This time I heard someone shouting in front of my house: 'Your servant has been caught. If you want to rescue him, go to the well with thatch.'

I wondered what was the matter. I thought that Amru might have collided with someone's bicycle. Maybe the cyclist has done some damage and has caught Amru. It is a matter of people gathering, this task is not difficult in Delhi and then it is very easy in Karol Bagh where hundreds of men do not know where to go and what to do. Well, while going there, Amaru was seen hanging empty sacks on the way. He was laughing gleefully. While scolding him, I asked, "Hey, what happened? What did you do this morning that made so much noise and the people of the locality ran to kill you?" Amaru had nothing to say. Some men were coming after him, they explained the whole matter to me. The thing happened as Amaru was about to leave the cat outside with the sack hanging on his shoulder; Some people suspected that there was a child in the sack. Two men followed him secretly. He saw that the sack was shaking from inside. Simply, they were convinced that this miscreant had caught a child. Amaru is short-spoken by nature, some prankster too. He remained quiet. Suddenly fifty men gathered. One of them shouted and said, "Ground this man, this crook is from the same gang whose job is to catch children." The police station was not too far from that place. One man jumped to the police station and from there the SHO and another The constable was called. On seeing the police officer, an enthusiastic spectator, raising his arms up his kurta, said, “Droga ji, it is not possible that you can take this miscreant from here quietly and take him under the guise of legal proceedings to enjoy lock-up. Give it. First it will be repaired to the fullest. It is not wonderful that children should be picked up from the full locality? It has been two days since a child has been lost from the nearby street. Many have been picked up from Devnagar. Later you can do whatever you want with it.

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