Selling Virtual Phone Numbers on Telegram Using Ton

9 Feb 2024

On December 7, 2023, the Telegram Messenger team initiated the sale of Virtual numbers with +888 as their code. These virtual numbers exist as collectibles on the Open Network Blockchain. The +888 numbers are listed as collectibles for sale on the Toncoin ($TON) blockchain, owned by the Telegram Messenger team. These blockchain-based numbers are available on Fragment and can be redeemed in Toncoin (TON), the cryptocurrency used in the Decentralized Open Network Blockchain, initially developed by Telegram.

The anonymized numbers are currently sold on the Fragment platform at the price of 4 tons of the cryptocurrency (typically valued at 9 tons) or around 450 rubles. Users must purchase these anonymous numbers through Fragment, a decentralized auction site launched by Telegram's creator Pavel Durov, to take advantage of the offering. These anonymous numbers can be acquired from Fragment, a website specifically designed for Telegram-related auctions.

On Fragment, users can either purchase a random number at a cost of 9 tons/USD, or $16, or participate in an auction to buy and sell numbers. With a recent app update, users can now sign in using a blockchain-based number purchased with cryptocurrencies on Fragment's platform. This allows Telegram account registration without the need for a SIM card, using anonymized blockchain-based numbers.
The new anonymized numbers enable Telegram registration without a SIM card or linking the new number with a current Telegram account. Telegram has introduced a significant update, allowing users to register new accounts without linking them to a specific phone number. Users can now open Telegram accounts without providing a cellphone number, making the registration process more anonymous.

Pavel Durov, the founder and chief of Telegram, introduced this feature in a blog post. Telegram now allows users to create accounts anonymously using numbers backed by the blockchain, available for sale on the cryptocurrency auction platform Fragment. After auctioning unique usernames on the TON blockchain, Telegram is now offering anonymized numbers for bidding.

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