20 Apr 2024

With thousands of years of history, China boasts many ancient capitals. Each ancient capital has its own story and spirit. The cities' historic ancient monuments and modern charm are both worth exploring. Below is a list of 10 ancient capitals in China, all of which are now famous tourist destinations


Beijing has a long and rich history, dating back 3,000 years ago. Beijing was the capital of the Ke and then the Yan states for centuries. The feudal dynasties under the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties all chose Beijing as their capital. Nowadays, many historical and cultural relics in Beijing have been well-preserved such as royal palaces and residential houses, including old quarters.

Coming to Beijing, you will discover the beauty of harmony between the ancient features of a city more than 700 years old and the modernity of a first-class city in the world. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are destinations that are always on the must-visit list when visiting Beijing.


Confucius Temple Nanjing became the capital for the first time in 229 AD, during the Three Kingdoms period. Nanjing was once the capital of the Eastern Wu, Qi, Liang, Chen, Eastern Jin and Song dynasties. This is a city with a rich history and famous Chinese culture with Confucian temples, Minh Hieu Mausoleum, Nanjing City Walls, Sun Yat-sen's Tomb...

Nanjing is famous as a cultural heritage but also a dynamic, youthful city. Coming to Nanjing Street, visitors will experience the energetic lifestyle on Shanghai's most famous commercial street, along with a pedestrian shopping area with a variety of options from luxury to traditional.


Famous for its valuable historical relics such as the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang with its terracotta army, Xi'an is also one of the five great capitals, occupied by the most Chinese feudal dynasties (along with Chang'an, Luoyang, Nanjing and Beijing).

Xi'an was once the capital of 13 dynasties. Among them are the Han, Sui and Tang dynasties. This is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and has well-preserved historical relics. Currently, Xi'an is the largest and most developed city in the Central to Northeast region and ranks 10th among the largest cities in China.

Lac Duong

Luoyang was one of the 10 ancient Chinese capitals of 13 Chinese dynasties for more than 1500 years. Among them were the Eastern Zhou, Eastern Han and Northern Wei dynasties. It is the only city called Shendu (God's capital) in Chinese history. Luoyang is the city where Taoism and Confucianism flourished and Buddhism was first introduced into China.


Hangzhou was once chosen as the capital of the Ngo Viet (907-978) and Southern Song (1127-1279) dynasties. Famous traveler Marco Polo was overwhelmed by the beauty of Hangzhou and praised the city as the most remarkable city in the world. Charming mountains and poetic landscapes, Hangzhou city is like a calm watercolor painting, both carrying the beauty and arrogance of famous ladies, while also containing the gentle charm of the country's women. Jiangnan.
An old Chinese saying about Hangzhou is that heaven is not only in the sky, it is also in Suzhou and Hangzhou in China.

An Duong

Located in the north of Henan province, it is one of the places chosen by many dynasties as the capital. For more than 3,000 years of history, Anyang is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization and served as the capital during the Shang Dynasty in the 14th century BC.


Kaifeng Located on the banks of the Yellow River, Kaifeng is a large city with a population of 5 million people. This is considered the city of calligraphy because many calligraphy styles were developed here. Once the capital of seven feudal dynasties in Chinese history such as Wei, Later Liang, Later Jin, Later Han, Later Zhou, Northern Song, and Jin.
With a history of more than 2700 years, Kaifeng is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture. The prosperity of ancient Kaifeng is vividly shown in a famous classical Chinese painting of the Qingming River.


Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, was also the capital of the Shang dynasty. The monument recorded Chinese civilization during the middle Shang period. This is one of China's famous tourist cities that welcomes many tourists every year.

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