Being kind is a "torture" to yourself

16 Dec 2022

People who are too kind will suffer more in interpersonal relationships and society. Therefore, this is why many people say that you should always think carefully before doing anything and it is also important to think positive, you should not think of harming others and you should avoid people who are not good for you.

The quality of kindness should be hidden in our hearts. When we meet people of the same quality and pureness, we will return the same goodwill. But once you meet someone who is unreasonable and even wants to harm you, then you don't have to be merciful to him.

There's no need to be kind to people who make your body and mind sick, so our kindness should have a little edge. This the pure way to live life peacefully.

Everyone should have a good heart

In fact, people's life is all about accumulating their own blessings, doing good deeds will get good results, and doing more good deeds will accumulate more and more blessings.

In the process of interacting with others, we can often feel a person's inner self-cultivation and character. Open-minded people are informal, quick-witted, and very willing to friends and family. With such people, not only will you not feel pressure, but you will even want to learn from them.

A person who is narrow-minded and can't see the good of others has no friends in life. Even at work, his colleagues are avoid to do friendship with him. Such people are preoccupied, and they may dig holes for you behind their backs, so who would like to associate with such people?

Everyone should use a kind heart to communicate with others. Only when you are gentle, and kind can you attract more kind people to be your friends.

Kindness should not be blind

There was a news report on the Internet that a female college student helped a fallen old man at the entrance of the hospital, and kindly sent her to the hospital, and paid the hospitalization fee of 100 dollar for the old man.

But when the old man woke up, he tell to his family that it was the female college student who knocked her down, and asked her to pay for various expenses, totaling 5,000 dollar.

After investigation, the police found out that there was no fault of the girl, the old man was lying and that he had fallen himself. So the female college student in turn sued the old man's family for extortion, and asked the other party to compensate for only 50,000 dollar for mental damage.

Later, after winning the case, this kind hearted female student donated all the money to charity.

It has to be said that when you have the ability to protect yourself, doing good deeds is called kindness. But doing good deeds without the ability to protect one's own personal safety is actually called stupidity.

Kindness shouldn't be blind. When you feel that you can't help the other party, don't worry about it, Otherwise, if you are used, it will not be good for you.

Kindness is also a practice

Some people often fall into the psychological burden of interpersonal communication and feel that they have suffered a lot, but they still cannot do anything well.

In fact, you don't have to worry about how you want to be a good person.

Kindness is actually a kind of practice. As long as you always have a grateful heart for this society and do some good deeds in your life, you are already purifying your heart and you are becoming an ordinary and kind person.

Kindness is right, but not too much.

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Regular self-reflection can help you understand the motivations behind your kindness. Are you being kind because you genuinely want to help, or is there an underlying need for approval or validation? Understanding your own motivations can lead to more authentic kindness.