I will take the love story of Sagar and Lamia.

8 Nov 2023

I will take the love story of Sagar and Lamia. They both became my cousins ​​and brothers. Their relationship was very good they both studied in the same class in primary life what school did they attend. They attended the same school in high school. Sagar was very good as a student. Sports, music, dancing and everything else was on. He always behaved smartly and was a good hearted person with no pride. Lamia on the other hand was a greedy and selfish girl slowly she fell in love with him for her own sake and greed their relationship was often two years. At first they were friends, then they slowly got involved in a relationship, and then I will tell them about their failure. Suddenly after passing the 10th standard, her father will marry the girl, but Sagar's brother comes to his father with a proposal and rejects it. Then he married the girl in another place but the boy was supposed to get worse slowly but he got better the girl is happy and peaceful in the other house but no heart man the son in law is old enough to ask for money but not smart. He loves no other girl except this one, so he has never

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