The 3 Point Formula For Financial Freedom

22 Sept 2022

All of us aspire to financial security, never again having to worry about money. Is it something you're willing to do or not?

Here is a seven point formula you may apply to help build money, improve your happiness, and attain financial freedom in the years to come if you're ready to achieve financial independence and freedom.


Write Your Financial Freedom Major Goals Again
Set yourself financial objectives.

Every day, rewrite and reread your goals on paper while considering how you may achieve them. You'll need five to ten minutes to finish this.

Your chances of succeeding in achieving your goals will rise just by writing and revising them as well as by considering them each morning before you begin.


The Concentration Principle
Every hour of every day, give your most important use of time your undivided attention.

Achieving financial independence requires a strict adherence to the concentration principle.

In terms of goal-setting and financial planning, almost everything you do is intended to help you identify the one or two things you should focus on more than everything else.

The ability to cultivate the habit of concentration will likely contribute more than any other skill or habit to your success in personal finance.


Invest In Yourself
Listen to audio programs in your car. The average person spends 500 to 1,000 hours per year behind the wheel.

By turning your car into a university on wheels, you can become one of the most knowledgeable and most skilled people in your profession.

Purchase courses on money management, read books on personal finance, and find articles online about money. You may even invest in yourself by investing in the advice of a financial advisor.

Very soon you will have so much knowledge in the area of money that people will come to you for advice.


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