Want to be friends back with your ex?

15 Sept 2022

Can we keep friendship with our ex partner after the relationship ends? Before making friendship, keep these things in mind.
Can we keep friendship with our ex partner after the relationship ends? This question often arises. But it depends on you and your partner. What feels right to you in relationships doesn't necessarily mean that your friend will feel right too. Therefore, no exact formula (Love Tips) can be given for such a decision. You just need to listen to your heart.

Due to which reasons there can be a rift in the relationship:

If your behavior with your partner was violent and you suspect that they will continue to treat you in the same way, then it reduces the chances of friendship back.

If your partner has lied or cheated on you a lot and has lost your trust, in that situation it becomes equal to impossible to be friends back.

Recently your relationship is broken and you are recovering from that pain. In such a situation, any kind of contact with an old partner can also harm you.

It may also happen that you still have love for your old partner and may be sad to see them as friends.

How to make ex partner your friend:

Do not be in a hurry to be friends with your ex after the break up of the relationship. This can also cause bitterness in your friendship. Extend the hand of friendship only when all the bitterness has been removed from your mind.

Don't let the effort of friendship overwhelm you. If the former partner does not want to have this friendship, then it is better to leave him on his own terms.

Keep all the things clear in your mind and take some kind of decision. Do you really want to be friends or does your ex partner have some other purpose for friendship, keep these things in mind.

Do not bring your love or physical relationship between friendship. If you are in a relationship with someone else or like them then don't even talk about it. Such information can spoil the relationship.

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The reason for breaking most relationships is mutual misunderstood. Some small mistakes and misunderstandings destroy the relationship. If you want to save your relationship, then correct any such mistake in time.
Majority after the breakup, both the partners don't tend to see each other