8 ChatGPT Prompts That Will Blow Your Mind and Transform Your Life

12 Mar 2024
I and technology are not just tools; they are companions in our journey of evolution. Together, they create a landscape where our lives become a story of continuous, exciting transformation.

Designed by Anish Singh Walia in Canva
Your skills will get you hired. But AI will land you that promotion you’ve always wanted, or help you learn a complex topic that you have always felt overwhelmed about and much more.
I personally use a few other productivity and AI tools along with ChatGPT, like Quillbot(4$ per month), ToDoist(4$ per month), and Notion AI(8$ per month). All the 3 tools are dirt cheap and cost me less than the monthly Pro subscription of ChatGPT. Still, great prompting skills will always benefit you, whether working with ChatGPT or any other LLM/Generative AI tool.
Here are the top 8 handpicked ChatGPT Prompts that will accelerate your career and your skill-learning process.
Work smarter, not harder, with AI.

To add more value and as a USP of my blog, at the end of this blog post, I have designed and attached a cheat sheet/carousel of the chatgpt prompts discussed here for you to use and share on LinkedIn.
Also, I’ll share this month’s bonus tip or best productivity tools that are cheap, effective, and a game changer, which I personally use, prefer, and insist you all try. So do check them out and use them.

Here is the Bonus tip for you all:

Bonus Tip 1: One great AI Productivity Writing tool I recently started using for day-to-day writing and tasks such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, QuillBot-Flow , QuillBot AI Content Detector, Paraphraser, Summariser, and translator is QuillBot .
I wanted to try something similar and cheaper than Grammarly(12$ per month).
I took up its yearly premium for around $4/month (58% off) . The price was literally dirt cheap compared to other writing tools I have used in the past.
I personally love QuillBot Flow, and the whole set of amazing writing tools it offers.
Personally, it’s UI and UX is very simple and easy to use. So I just wanted to share this awesome, productive tool with you all. Do check it out and use it in your day-to-day writing tasks.
It is literally a one-stop shop writing productivity tool for everyone.

Best Productivity Writing tool for this month

The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite enables teams to brainstorm, strategize, create, execute, and release innovative solutions through a unified, infinite canvas.
I use it to produce top-notch flowcharts, mind maps, and visuals for work, team collaborations, and presentations.
It is my preferred tool for generating professional-grade visual designs, facilitating collaborations, and much more.
I personally use LucidChart and LucidSpark , as I have purchased a bundled pack of these 2 tools for my team. The combination of both these tools is all you need to collaborate visually.
Another dirt cheap tool that helps me and my team become more productive and create stunning visuals. The Pricing structure is amazing and it is also offering a 25% discount. It costs me merely 7$ per month, which is another value-for-money tool that helps me and my team be more productive and create stunning visuals and presentations.
Another one-stop shop for visual collaboration and productivity tools.

Best Visual Collaboration and AI Productivity Tool for this month

I really insist you go try the above tools out. Trust me, you won’t regret using these tools and will thank me later.
Let’s get started and copy and paste these prompts and use them.


  1. Learning from your own mistakes
  2. Memorizing new Information
  3. Train ChatGPT to learn your Style
  4. Compare concepts to understand similarities and differences
  5. Quizzing with ChatGPT
  6. Quick Decision Making
  7. Building Your Own Skillset for Versatility
  8. Find Beginner Project Ideas to get involved in

Prompt 1: Learning from your own mistakes


I made a mistake. I was practising [insert skill here], and it failed when I [insert failure here and narrate what happened].
Could you please explain what happened and what went wrong, as well as how I can avoid making the same mistake in the future and evolve?“

Prompt 2: Memorizing new Information


In an overview style, but then in-depth, what are the most important figures, facts, things to know, or similar that I have to know in relation to [Insert Topic here].
After that, help me create a memorisation technique that will help me to remember this information later.

Prompt 3: Train ChatGPT to learn your Style


“Analyze the text below. It’s the text that I have written. Take note of the writing style, my voice, the way I type and my tonality.
Create a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice and tone.
[Insert your text here]”

Prompt 4: Compare concepts to understand similarities and differences


You are tasked with comparing and contrasting [Insert Concept 1 here] and [Insert Concept 2 here] to better understand the similarities between the two, as well as the differences.
Use examples, analogies, anecdotes, or metaphors to explain your points.

Prompt 5: Quizzing with ChatGPT


I want you to quiz me. Create a set of 10 multiple-choice questions, each one of them with four options, but with only one correct answer.
The topic of the quiz is [Insert Topic Which you want to learn]
The main aim of the quiz is so that I can learn and master the topic.

Prompt 6: Quick Decision Making


I am trying to make a decision. I am a [Insert context about yourself]. I am trying to [Insert decision here]. Give me a list of pro’s and con’s that will help me decide why I should or shouldn’t make this decision.
If you need more context, ask me more questions.

Prompt 7: Building Your Own Skillset for Versatility


I am currently working as a [Insert profession here]. What complementary skills should I learn, or certifications should I acquire, in order to upskill, to make myself more versatile, competent and useful in the [Insert Industry here] field?

Prompt 8: Find Beginner Project Ideas to get involved in


I am a beginner, and I am interested in expanding my skills and adding projects to my portfolio. My skills are in [Insert Skills here].
Suggest beginner/intermediate project ideas that can improve my skills and make me more skilled and competent.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about some amazing ChatGPT Prompts that can make the lives of every professional, freelancer and individual easier, more productive and simply more effective.
Try out these prompts, save this post in your reading list, and keep experimenting with the ChatGPT prompts mentioned here.

Awesome, you have reached the end and have already become smarter, more effective, and more productive just by learning about these awesome ChatGPT Prompts. The next step is to use them. Good luck!
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Designed by Anish Singh Walia in Canva
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Please take something of value from this blog post and this cheat sheet.
Let’s harness the power of AI and technology to create a better future.

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