review of Thor love and Thunder

23 Jul 2022

First off Thor is probably my favourite character in the marvel universe and this movie dose not change that however this was one of the most disappointing movies in marvel history.

Can I just make this clear I’m not saying that this is the worst marvel movie ever it just had so much potential to be an amazing movie.

I think that this movie was just silly there were way to many jokes and it was super corny, Thor in this movie was silly and stupid a was nothing like he was in Infinity War. I did like that they brought back Jane Thor’s old girlfriend but then they just killed her off so what’s the point, I did enjoy the post credit scene because it shows that the story is not over and there will be more of Thor to come.

let me know if you liked this movie or what you think should of happened?



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I saw the trailer aswell and suspected the corny tone of the movie. I will still end up watching it as i love marvel.
I have only seen the trailor of the Movie Thor Love and Thunder and whilst it looked pretty good I did get the sense there was a change in direction for how they wanted Thor to be seen. Maybe I will just wait for the movie to be streamed. Thanks for sharing your views on this @jydstar an interesting synopsis of the movie.
Thor character has huge potential but most of thor movies are just bad. Personally, I like only Ragnarok ,rest of them are so bad .
south coast surfer
Yeah, Nah for me. Never been a massive fan.