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9 May 2023

This is the story of Rajasthan three or four centuries ago. In a village there lived a couple named Anay and Anushka. Anya was simple, honest, true to his word. Anushka was a bright, accomplished woman. Others used to do agriculture. Anushka used to embroider women from rich families on cloth as per their choice. Overall they were both hardworking and doing well. Anushka was well known for her fine embroidery. Maharani Devdatta's maid came with farewell and then she used to visit the palace often. Maharani Devdatta used to get Anushka to embroider nine yards of Lab Parakara on her handkerchiefs.

Anushka used to kill peacocks with soft silk laddis. Sometimes red rose green leaves, sometimes butterflies fluttering in the golden sun rays, and sometimes the masterly embroidery of silver chains, Devdatta gazed mesmerized at the unfolded cloth. Anushka used to hesitate seeing the expression of choice in the eyes of her beautiful beloved Rani. was grateful,
The queen also lavished her. Anushka, however, got the acknowledgment of her work with just one look from the queen. Never count the number of pawns received She put the bag on her forehead and walked away with light steps. On reaching home, she handed over the bag to Anay, tired of work felt that she remembered, Devdatta's overwhelmed and innocent face, her appreciation! Then she was inspired to do something new. The days passed happily. There are testing moments in everyone's life. Also they came in Anushka's life. Once Maharani Devdatta took her maidservants and went for a swim in the lake. She kept all her ornaments on the shore while swimming. There was also a silver panjan of her tapore. From somewhere, a hornet sounded and flew away, holding one of its bells in its beak. The maids chirped loudly and told the Maharani what had happened. Maharani immediately went and told Maharaj Dhanananda what had happened. She only said that Panjan was given to her by her grandmother with great love and now the grandmother was no longer in this world. The same mark remained with her as a loving memory of her grandmother. Then Maharaj should make efforts and get her reward. Even if they have to risk all their forces for that, it will work. Maharaj Dhanananda promised to immediately fulfill Maharani Devdatta's demand to find the painjan. They beat Dawandi in the city, and whoever finds and brings back the Maharani's panjan taken by Ghari, will be given a huge reward. After waiting for many days, no one came. Maharani's tone was getting sad while talking about Painjana.

Soon the royal families of the neighboring states would be invited for the Jalsya. The necessary preparations for that had already started. Maharani on behalf of the maid sent Anushka to come. When the maid reached home, Anay was engrossed in some calculation. The maid called out to Anushka. Anay said without raising her head that she is not at home. The maid gave him a queenly farewell and turned back. While walking she thought, you Saw something. What happened? Glowing round? It seemed like a lot to see, so what? She turned back. She unknowingly went to the nook by the wall. saw It was there, that's it, no doubt. She was watching everyday. But how here? So Anushka or Anay stole Maharani's panjan? No, no, how could that be? They are good people. She knew them. She turned back. What better to do? Should we tell the Queen? He believes in Anushka. Shouldn't you say? But what does she want to do? It is her job to tell. Maharaj will see what to do. They have even kept a reward. But what if something bad happens to Udaya Anushka? Her heart will eat her. what to do She came to the palace in such a reverse thought. She told Maharani that she had sent the message to Anushka. Then she just kept crawling here and there. Maharani Devdatta asked what happened. She said that she saw Panjan in one breath. Devadatta's eyes widened.

When the king's soldiers came to the house, Anay's accounts were settled. The constable first took custody of Painjan. Looking at the others, he gently asked, "Whose are these?" “Of course, Anushka's.” Anya said confused. "You must drive to your majesty."
"Fine. But for what?" Anya was still confused. "Did you hear the gossip about the queens?" asked the constable. "Yes, but I forgot. And what does that have to do with it?" "You will know. Come to the palace. Everyone will remember automatically!" The constable said handing the challenge to one. "Here's my bet. Grandma gave it to me." Devdatta spoke. "Let's go back and make sure." Maharaj said. "I know my jewel well, no doubt." "Your name is Anay Hai Paijan how is your home?" Maharaj asked. "These are Anushka's. When asked once, she said, her grandmother gave her, it is a jewel that her grandmother passed down to her from time immemorial." Anya said in surprise. "They are not hers. They are the Queen's. Tell me how they came to you. We will punish you mildly." Maharaj said in a hoarse voice. "They are not yours. They are Anushka's. I have been looking at them since last year. She took them out and kept them in the corner." Anya said wistfully. Anya was not ready to accept that he had stolen it, but he was saying the same thing firmly. They belong to Anushka! Can't be anyone else's. Finally Maharaja got angry and ordered Anay to be given hundred lashes in the square. Then perhaps he would have confessed,

When Anushka returned, she was surprised that Anay had left the house open. At this time, the neighboring Chitralekha came running. “Aunty, aunty they took uncles. caught and taken away They were saying, Maharani's painjan was found here. Mother was saying, they will punish uncles now, aunty, but why will they punish uncles? Go quickly and rescue them. you go first go now bro Black said sadly. Anushka "ran to the neighbor. She realized what had happened. She ran towards the palace. She saw Anay being whipped in the square. Her life was watered. She made her way through the crowd like an arrow and threw herself on Anay's body. She also felt a blow but felt it. But no. She folded her arms and begged him to stop the beatings. All Lich said was, "I come to see the Empress. Wait until then" but no one begged her. Two or four people grabbed her and pushed her aside. But now she was defiant. She freed herself in one fell swoop and headed towards the royal court like an arrow. "Maharani! Maharani Devdatta." She screamed, unconscious with rage. Maharani did not like her name coming out of the mouth of a common woman who was a kashidakari. "Anushka, you have forgotten courtly customs," she said. "This is not his time. Go down first. Those people are whipping Anaya. Stop it. He didn't steal. Those stakes are mine." She said sadly. "What makes them yours?" Maharaj said. "Stop those lashes first. I can't stand it," she said holding her hands over her ears. "Take me to the queen's hall. They are mine, I say." she said

"Why in the hall? Say it here. Let everyone hear," said the queen. "Why? Because it's not in your interest, therefore." said Anushka. "Still, if you want to listen, listen. Queen, what is inside your bell?” "The pebbles of the Ganges," said the queen. "What do you want to prove?" Anushka quickly stepped forward and took the challenge. He held a bell under his teeth and cut it into two pieces. With that, a Tapora precious caste pearl fell on the carpet wheezing. The court must have seen such a watery pearl. Besides, there is silver water on the gold beads." She said, pointing to the gold leaf of the beads inside. "Now, can you prove, ma'am, that these beads are yours?” Anushka asked sarcastically. She ran to the square. Gathering all her strength, she removed the whip from the whipper's hand. Going closer, she took half of Anay's weight on her body. His back was peeling. He was half drunk. Her face was kind, supporting him, she started walking. Seeing that, both Dhanananda and Devdatta fell down. They didn't even have words to stop Anushka.

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