Happy in Love

21 Nov 2022

I'm so glad I'm in love with you.
I want to shout until I am out of breath and completely blue.
I'm so thrilled to be in love with this wonderful, perfect man, and I want the entire world to know it.

How fortunate I am, I think to myself.
I'm traveling on the massive pride roller coaster.
I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Is this the start of anything brand-new?

How romantically inventive I can be, yet I want to dance to you because you are my song.
Your passion piques my interest and stokes my desires.
My body's pulses sear through me like wildfire.

How enamored I am by those emerald eyes, which pierce my heart like the darkest ravine.
And what about your smile, which knocks me flat on my face and lifts me off the ground like a strong breeze.

I'm so happy as I wait impatiently for you to show up for our wonderful date.
You bring some candles, some wine, and some roses.
Lucky stars shine more brightly for you and me.

How happy I am; my heart thumps and beats quickly.
I start to feel goosebumps when I think of you.
You have been fashioned to a very fine art; you are loving, seductive, amusing, and brilliant.

See how my feelings have taken control of me? Suddenly, everything is better.
Since you are one in a million, I must be sincere.
I finally get how magical you are.

Angel, I will guard and keep your heart warm since I appreciate your love so highly.
Since I won't be able to meet another lover quite like you anywhere, I hope that this beginning will remain lovely and fresh.

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Where did you get this image from? Looks Cool for an amazing wallpaper
Today I looked in the mirror and I said to myself this love that everyone are falling in, one day I too will fall in as well